Friday, January 28, 2005
Well and Alive

haha..finally can use internet chicken pox sia..very sianz..locked up at home for almost 3weeks..i must have gotten it from Ru Shun at Fa Hwa Shi..he was having fever mah..i've checked on my says that the contagious period is 2 days before the blisters form..i was too busy taking care of the kids instead of i guess my immune system was really that's why i've gotten this stupid chicken pox

haiz..very sianz..cuz i've to refrain from alot of things..especially seafood and duck meat..lucky i'm not fond of eating duck its ok la..its just that i've to be locked up at home with nothing to do all day..i just eat,sleep,watch tv,read...becoming like piggy liao lorz..but whatever la..i'm ok i ren reali long liao..

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Saturday, January 08, 2005

hey..hey..hey..its me..[again]..kinda sianz..but today i did have fun at sp la..but in the morning..i wasnt feeling well..dizziness la..maybe i might have stand too at does happen.. haiz..felt as though i'm very weak sia..but whatever..

attended a talk at the school of Mechanical and Manufacture Engineering..or MM..sound like chocolate right? haha..never mind..i abit siao siao liao..then later..we had a choice to go to industries.. 1) RSAF (its like Air Force lorz..). 2) Yakult Factory (the 1 that we all chose to go..give you more details later). 3) Bread Factory..

the trip to the Yakult factory was really a uncle who introduce himself as Quek, a manager there..he was really humorous lorz..he told us his love life..his school life..really very cute..we were really laughing like hell lorz..very buay tahan!! and we got to drink a bottle of original flavour de yakult lah..overall..i give the trip a 10 out of A++ grade..cuz of the uncle lah..

we returned to sp at about 12.30..and they only gave us half an hour allowance for lunch break and expect us to return to the Convention Centre at 13.00hr for another talk..but heck the time allowance..we took our own bloody sweet time to have a full lunch..and boy was i really full..the food like free like that..give so its quite reasonable to charge at $3.50...and that crazy Gavin..he had Chicken cutlet or something like that..the set meal comes with a chicken drumstick la..rice and egg...after finishing everything..he went to the drink stall and ordered desert..which can be considered a really big full meal..but later, after the tour and about 1600hr, we were going home..he told us that he was hungry!! can you believe it??!!! he was hungry..really unbelievable lorz..he eats alot..for a skinny guy..his stomach sure can fill alot of stuff...

it was really fun..we went to aeronautical engineering..Eugene volunteered to play this game..its about flying and landing da lah..he really very buay tahan..i can tell you..if i were 1 of the passengers on board, i'll really vomit lorz..he keeps flying up and down..really very freaky lorz.. siao man..that guy..sheesh..when he land the plane right..he didnt use the brakes..the landing was practically "bouncy"..really freaky..and the plane was moving although it had touch ground...cuz he didnt apply the brakes!! the plane was moving towards the direction of a tree lorz..and Eugene wasn't doing anything to move lorz..we kinda "scream" out to him but he didn't seem to be listening..until Alvin went forward and turned the steering wheels la..i tell you la..if i were 1 of the passengers..i'll really vomit..and scared to death..

had lots of fun joking to Si Yan lorz..she's really very fun to be with a chance to know her better cuz i sat next to her during the talks..and also our trip to and fro from the Yakult is the day of which i consider really memorable was really filled with laughters...haha..its weird right..2 days ago..i was kinda complaining about how boring the sp course was..and now i'm having so much fun..haha..forget it..i'm really siaoZz liao...

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Wednesday, January 05, 2005
Oh Man..i'm way outdated i'm so bad lorz...pontang sia..never go for my sp de course..went out with Yuan Ee instead...go Lot 1 first..then later went to Causeway Point..take neo print..wah lau..really very funny sia..cuz the neo print machine got 2 choices to choose..den we..well...i picked the option which states "BGM"..we..well..i chose a song "UFO" and we have to kinda follow e star which would indicate the camera that we would have to pose for [ anyway, there was 2 cameras..1 on the left..the other on the right]..den the both of us ended up running here and was totally hilarious lorz...

wah lau cheated of $20 sia..go the stupid singapore poly or in short a 2 weeks course cum familiarisation program..whereby we get to learn more about the courses they offer lorz..its really so boring lorz..made to do really stupid things..but then..the game we played yesterday was really fun..i paired up with Gavin..we both really very crazy..chose the option with the highest pay..keep investing on stupid bonds and first we were winning but we did a really stupid thing by buying $500 worth of life insurance..which meant dat our recurring income of every psy day had to subtract of $500...we even manage, by investing in all sorts of bonds and property, to earn a recurring amount 0f $470..but because of the insurance thingy..we had a recurring amount of -$30 [how pathetic was that??]...and there was a funny part whereby me and Gavin..well..we just pay whatever investment we stepped on..and there was a particular round whereby we only had $30..what's worse? We're getting a pay cheque of $9000...pathetic right? the both of us? ChuXiang and YongXuan had the most money but they had little chance of winning cuz they didnt really invest much..but in the end they won..cuz they invest on a house which had an recurring amount of $600 at the final round!! Damn lucky..den there was Dyana's group..this one really very buay tahan de..its really unlucky for Dyana..she kept getting real useless she had alot of money..she and her partner collect money til e partner got real irritated bout getting more...he even suggested that they forgo a month's salary...damn funny...

it was really fun..but we lost in the end..really pathetic lorz...last place..wah lau..ChuXiang they all damn heng lorz..hmph..really very irritated cuz we were really winning in the fist place..damn the stupid life insurance! Hate you so much!! haha...i'm really going bongkers..nah..i'm crazy liao..but then having to go back to sp meant that i've to wake up real early..suckx..not used to waking up early anymore..

went back to Unity Sec today..kinda curious about the drastic changes they've done to the school..wah lau eh..damn ugly lorz..our principal has really no taste at all..the orange color is damn bright...blinded my sight sia!!! made the school even worse than before...

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