Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Updates on Life after so long!

As I'm typing this, I'm already in the 3rd week of my new job! So fast right...gotta recapped back to early June! Sorry I am super lagging in my updates! It's like a 1 post a month all over again! Pinky promise that I'll update ASAP!

The late May and early June period was more or less me trying my VERY VERY best to clear loads of my outstanding work! I stopped taking cases around 2 to 3 weeks before my last day which is on the 8th. There were also alot of days that I got super emo and wanted to quit immediately and hated that demoralising 1 month notice that I gotta serve. I was totally in a mess, emotionally. I am happy to leave, but sad to go because I know I will miss people like Doo Doo, Unfriendly Tan, Madeline, Eddy and even my irritating NEIGHBOR! The deed has been done, I have tendered and I really don't think I should take it back!

Because of the stress and stuff, I was also sicked for most of the weeks, Flu + Sore Throat + Slight fever + Blocked ears. Took 2 half days from my off-in-lieu to accompany my sister to register for JCS and also to sign my contract with the new company. The days are coming closer and I really don't know how to face it! ):

I knew that doo doo was planning something, but I really don't know what it was! I badly wanted to know, but she refused to reveal anything la! >.< the only thing I was worried was she was gonna make me cry, which is not good. I will look super ugly and unglam crying and with swollen eyes and stuff!

Finally my last day came, I went to office with a different kind of feeling. A feeling of relief from this job but a tinge of sadness that I am about to abandon this safety blanket and throw myself out to the dark after 3 long years. Had a wonderful last lunch with the team (sob) and then so many people started coming in!!! OMG! I was like what the.....then the photo montage. I felt really overwhelmed by everything, I tried to laugh and scold that LXL to cover up that emotion of sadness. I was shocked by the effort of the scrapbook and the 3DS! Really didn't expect them to put in so much effort!

That LXL even got 2 games for me! Speaking of that doo doo loo, really glad we gotta so close to each other. She is like always there for me and she can always sense my emo-ness and mood swings. I am most certain I will miss her the most because of everything she done for me! (:

After everything was over, I started going around to pass everyone a little gift and a personalised card. Then the team started talking about ordering some cake and stuff and they were all laughing and discussing, I just felt so left out, like I am never gonna be part of that anymore. A tinge of sourness and sadness lingered on within me. As much as I can't bear to go, I need to look forward and go on! That's life, we need to move on!

Enjoyed my 4 days break before officially starting work! Nervous max! I think I am starting to learn new stuff and picking up along the way. My colleagues are nice and bosses are understanding and patient. (: Although they are a little quiet and stuff, I like what I am doing, nuff' said! It will not be the same but it will be better!

I think I will end this for now, will ask Eddy to send me the birthday photos we took on my birthday. Shall blog on that soon because this entry is too long!

Good night! See you in 6 hours time!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy 23rd Birthd
ay to ME! (:

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm sorry my last update was ages ago! I seldom use the com, my iphone refused to let me do updates and I am just to lazy to go switch on the computer to do anything in it! sorry

Had my last day on the 8th and rested for a few days before my job started on 13th

I really didnt know how to describe the feeling of leaving, there is both happiness and sadness in everything.

Work for now is good and hopefully it stays this way!

and there she goes, on and on again

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Monday, June 06, 2011
Mid Year Blues

Last 2 days in office and my last day will be on the 8th! (:

Had an awesome dinner out with so many people last Friday!! Really gonna missed working with all of them, they are really bubbly and easy-going people!! Really cherished this rare moment that everyone is gathered together! <3 The dinner didn't start out that much awesome at first as heard from momoko that certain somebody felt hurt that I didn't invite them. WTF seriously! I mean it's a young people gathering and always been like that. If you are not happy, tell me la, dun go tell other people.. -.- Felt really awful, wanted to cry and go home! but thanks to momoko for sitting with me throughout dinner! <3 <3

Weekends was just going out for lunch/dinner but still wasn't feeling really ok but good enough la! Gonna chiong all my work before I leave here and not add more burden to my buddy!


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