Saturday, January 31, 2009
Post CNY

This will be the most tiring CNY ever. So many late night activities and only going to bed at 4 in the morning.

Met my cousin at Chinatown as she needed to collect her figurine. Then we went to Daiso at Vivo to get all the necessary storage items. I wanted to get a bag to store my comics, and books but the one I got was apparently too small, so in the end, I used them to store those double CDs. And now my CD rack is more organised. Boxes to store more CDs in DVD casing. Now I just need to get the casing to put my comics and books.

Took a train to Clark Quay as we wanted to go Kinokuniya, didn't manage to get the magazine I wanted. =(

Spent the last few hour clearing spaces at the CD shelves and book shelves. =) at least it looks less messy and more spacious. I missed the long break! =((

Back to work on Monday!

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Saturday, January 17, 2009
A week away from CNY

I think 2009 is going to be yet another freaking fast year!

Something from my cousin when I met her on 2nd Jan for dinner~ =)

I have been wondering why I seem to be quite short of cash lately and I finally found the real reason to it. Because I've been buying myself lots of books!

I got this collection at MPH, as it is only selling 18.90. At first I thought prolly I saw the price tag wrongly, it could be 78.90 instead. So I went to the cashier and ask if 18.90 was the correct amount. I've already got Da Vinci's code, and now I've got an extra copy!

Tuesdays with Morrie. Its on clearance sale, so I got it at a good deal $5. =) Inspiring story~

Something I got last year, waiting to get book cover, then I will passed it to Madeline

I got this as it's a compilation of the 1st 3 books of Princess Diaries and I came home to realize that I've got the 3rd book! Luckily it has 20%, so I got this for like $13/$14.

I will buy my PD books from Sans Bookstore, as it's cheaper and books nicely wrapped for me. Been looking for the BMG at bookstores but they don't seem to have them. So manage to get them from Sans~! I'm waiting for the 8th PD to come in before I get the 9th.

My HSM magnets that I painfully collect by buying lotsa Biscuit World's biscuit.

I think that's where all my money go to, books and CDs. This addiction for books gotta stop, I got no place to store them already! =P

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Sunday, January 04, 2009
New additions in 2009

And more to come~ I've still got more I'm gonna get! =)

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Thursday, January 01, 2009
Hello 2009

The top 10 happy things in 2008
1) It's always something to do with Ayumi (1oth ANNIVERSARY!)
2) I got a new Sam-sung Hi-fi set
3) Good job w/ good bonuses
4) Happy times at Meritus Mandarin
5) My own credit card!
6) Graduation 2008 =)
7) Birthdays, Birthdays
8) Lovely friends (miss ya~)
9) Obama!
10) Happy family

The top few things wish to forget in 2008
1) Graduation = No more school life = less freedom
2) Disasters
3) Start of work life = no freedom = stress = no life = boredom
4) Emotional issues
5) Bad economy

New Year Resolution
1) As usual, set aside excess cash for personal use, savings etc.
2) Be less emotional, more optimistic
3) Be more organized
4) Live meaningfully
5) More travels =)
6) Work hard, play hard

Hope 2009 means
- More traveling and fun
- Good company of friends
- Totally awesome 21st birthday
- Less disasters, and better economy
- More bonus (please!)
- Excess cash = more things to buy

Before 2010, I hope...
- To at least have a decent digital camera
- and yes, a good cellphone to make me happy too
- more time spend on recreational purposes
- Prolly pick up a new language
- Learn a musical instrument
- to be able to go Japan and to see Ayumi's concert
- life will still continue to be merry, jolly and everything


Start of something new~

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