Tuesday, November 21, 2006

All I can say is that it takes a loser to recognize another loser. So if you say I am a loser, doesn’t that make you one too? Did you know that your definition of cool is horrifyingly LAME?!!

I am glad I didn’t get all upset this nonsense. Complete waste of my precious time, and I think getting all upset will only destroy all the innocent cells in my body. =))

At least I still know I have great friends around me.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I just realised how much time I have once I stopped using the internet at home. I was able to do alot of things, thus I guess this is a good thing. Had a wonderful rest last night and didn't feel so tired this morning.

We went back early yesterday, we just went back NUS-GMS just to draw the rack diagram. =) After that, we left for home...woo~ Didn't do much, played monopoly, then followed by Rich4, because the $%^&*#! Worms Armagaddon won't work~ I keep getting blank screen when I start my first game. Bugger~!

Yeah Yeah! He's back, but I still miss Jerome. boo-hoo! =((

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Monday, November 06, 2006
I have no life

I have no life. I mean there's nothing much for me to do lately. All I did was admin work in the office whilst others went off to site. Cool! Met up with my cousin @ J8. We had Tori-Q lunch, followed by Haagen Daz for dessert. It's so nice going out once in a while.

Went on Cheng-Ho cruise the previous week. Random pics

My Cuzzie, Mommy, sis, and brother. On the ship :)

Nice right? Cheng-Ho III. Only used when you go for the Imperial Dinner thingy. Sad~

Kinda lazy to blog pictures, shall do them when I am more motivated. About 3 more months til the end of attachment. 7th Feb would be the final presentation. I am supposed to "share my experience" with my fellow classmates and teachers. WTF? Oh man, I might FREAK OUT! AHHH!!

And Casilda, I hope you are doing well now. At times, people who mean so much to us are the ones who hurt us. They may not realise it, but I do hope you stay strong. No matter what happens, rest assured I'd always be here to lend a shoulder to cry on or even a listening ear. Hugs girl, don't think of dying. There's more to life. If these/such people/person don't appreciate you, it's their loss. Smiles & Cheer up, ya~ OH! Meet up soon, so many things to talk to you! :)

Back to thinking of the training program I am supposed to come up with.

Before I go, random neoprint I took recently :)

^^ Take care y'all. *hugs* Cheers~

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