Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sometimes really don't know what to blog about...

My room
Feel like revamping my room, and would like to give it a new coat of paint, but should I make it pink(girlish) or go with cool colors like blue, cream? Am tempted to make it purple, but don't want it to be like vampish or gothic! May be getting CD towers, coat racks, wall mounted mirror, build in cupboards..

So many poster, any idea how I should put them up in my small room?? Sometimes should not be such a sucker and get so many poster because Edward is so frigging handsome in it. BAH!

Officially off work as YOG is coming. Just collected my uniform and its nice!! It's purple, but I hadn't tried it though...Waiting for our schedule to be up and be prepared for the real thing. (:

Wish me luck~ *cross-fingers*

P/S It's already August, 4 more months to end of the year. OMG

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