Monday, August 25, 2008
12 Lotus

Met up with Derrick to go Bird Park on Saturday, but the weather wasn't good so we only went around the area and watched Birds'n'Buddies show. The show was very nice, and the birds are so cute, especially Amigo.

Rested on Sunday, and watched the Olympic closing ceremony. It was okay, but wasn't as spectacular as the opening ceremony. Thankfully I managed to watch most of the events, and I thought the rhythmic gymnastic was wonderful!

Off day today, cuz of the compensating off day on the National Day week. Woke up early in the morning to go kbox, then booked movie. The show was ok, but emo songs...I think I cried at the entire movie la. EMO! lol

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I got my HSM 1 & 2 OST from CD-Rama at an offer price of 2 for $30. =) May be planning to the remix and the concert album!! Now I'm thinking of getting the Hannah Montana album, and will also have to save up to get Complete Singles collection.

Meeting Derrick on Saturday to go Bird Park, and prolly going Night Safari on Sunday night. Busy planning for Cat's farewell on 5th September. So busy doing planning, cannot find cheap catering online. I'm lazy to upload the photos in my handphone. So far, I had 2 birthday celebrations in office, 1 National Day celebration (with cake and also a group photo). More pictures to come on next Friday and in September. =))

Work has been ok, just that sometimes it can get emo, especially when something unexpected happens. There's always something that happen that gets me emo and it's not good, but thankfully my colleagues are nice to listen to my problems and give me some words of advice.

Sian, thankfully I got off on Monday!

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Monday, August 11, 2008

I spent my weekends flooding my brain with Olympic, or like I affectionately say..Orlumpic! =) Rushed home on Friday to catch the opening ceremony, which was so cool! 5000 years of chinese history told in a few hours! I missed Boonsak! I think I'm the only one who didn't see him, although I watched the opening from start to end T-T

HSM on ice tour on Sunday! =)) Happiness, cuz most of the songs that they sang were the ones I like, so I know how the lyric goes. Lovely performance, and nicey people I saw on stage! I only bought one thing from there, cuz most are quite kiddie. Boo~!

Lastly! I heart Michael Phelps!!

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Saturday, August 02, 2008
Reasons for happyness!

I finally took pictures of all the things I've got (that made me happy!) lately~!

Firstly is the bag! As seen, it shows why I'm hysterical when I saw the bag, cuz it's the one that I was dying to get! And my lovely cousin got it for my birthday present! =)

And the pouch, so I've got a set, BAG+POUCH (OMG!!)

And my CDL 2007-2008!!

Lastly, met my cousin in the afternoon. Went Chinatown to collect her figurines and got these 3 lovely things. After which we took train to IMM Daiso to get the mini show cases box (or whatever they call it) and I went home and started placing them nicely, with blue tag and all. And these shall be displaying at my desk in office! ^^

=)) I love my cousin!

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