Saturday, April 29, 2006
My name's WOMEN

the week has come to an end. gotta do revisions on the lessons being taught and also complete the given homework! i just found out my DEL practical teacher is that oh-so-hot-american-born- chinese-guy that i always saw! hot shot! i think i will be enjoying my DEL practical afterall! :D

i think i have forgotten alot of stuff i learn in year one. and i feel so dumb at times, but especially blur. this semester's teachers are wonderful, minus that oh-so-naggy DEL lecturer. i got a pretty good tutor, and a hot practical teacher... =))

monday no school cuz of labor day, sadded, i cant see that guy. tears'. o-o school has been rather packed. especially the once rather deserted canteen 3 is now packed with so many students and seats are difficult to come come by cuz some people just had to eat so slow. :X

hopefully the number of As i get this semester is 5, cuz i got 4 last year, a slight improvment of grade will make me very satisfied. and hopefully i can get my gpa up, ya..i gotta do well so i can have a choice of whether i wanna go university anot! :D

life's a bitch. might as well enjoy it! =))

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

fuck! i hate it when the already thin girls complain how fat they are! its a total insult, and where will all the fat people hide? dont understand why thin girls always have this certain mentality that they are fat. it would hurt the people who are horizontally challenged. so please, before you start complaning how thick ur waist, arms or legs are. spare just a single thought for the people around you. [no offence to anyone, it kinda gets on my nerves, please note that this is only my general opinion, and not anyone in particular]

lessons went on as per normal. just that we had a rather early and long break. 1030-1400hrs. kinda waste of my time, to think i could put my time to a greater use, than sitting on my ass and keep watching movies. =.= it gets kinda bored after a while [but then its better than doing nothing at all].

seoul garden tomorrow. :))

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
About You

well, i do apologise for not diligently updating this blog. i've been rather busy. it is the start of school, which means no more sleeping and waking up late. i gotta snatch the bus with both students and working adults. kinda sucky. home is still the best! :))

finally got to see fir and the rest. it has been 6 full weeks since i last saw them. and sadly, i didnt see jimmy, maybe he went back to his home country. thats very sad. :'( i dun like, i want jimmy.

school was boring, i was on the verge of falling asleep already. *yawns* i am going to seoul garden this wed with cas, liting, ian and wei zheng too bad fir cant come along. it would have been even more fun with him along ya?

so long since i last met up with shu xian. wonder how she has been lately. must be really busy with her school work and cca. hope to meet up iwth her soon and catch up alil. :))

c.r.a.p i feel like sleeping again! :((

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Thursday, April 06, 2006
Catcher In The Light

saw this on the travel phamphlet of Chan Brothers Travel

7 Days Korea Romance


Upon arrival, proceed to Yongin Everland, with thrilling rides and lively entertainment galore. Lap up the excitement on rides like the Suspended Roller-Coaster and the Double-Loop and Cork-Screw Coaster. Enjoy the park's kaleidoscope of blooms like tulips, roses and lilies. Continue to Jeonju, with a stop at the Korean Traditional Music Centre, to catch “Wedding in the Snow”, a modern comedy that dramatizes the traditional Korean wedding procedure, using traditional and modern dance movements, music and percussion.

Proceed to Maisan Provincial Park that lies east of Jeonju, so named because its two mountain peaks resemble the ears of a horse. Thereafter, pass by seasonal fruit farmbefore proceeding to Daegu, Korea's third-largest city. Head to Spa Valley for a relaxing time in saunas, spa pools and a water park. Tonight, enjoy shopping at Jung Angro Street.

Visit Dongwasha Temple in the Dohak-dong Valley, built over 1,000 years ago and see a 33-m Buddha statue with a pair of lion statues and decorated with stone lotus flowers. Enroute to your resort, visit Dodamsambong. At the resort, take a gondola ride to enjoy scenic views.

Enjoy nature and a wide range of outdoor activities and indoor facilities such as bowling, arcade games and sauna, available all year round at the resort. Thereafter, proceed to Seoul. Visit the MBC filming studio of the Korean drama serial 'Dae Jang Geum. The studio was specially set up for the filming of the drama serial, which tells the story of a girl who grows up as an apprentice physician in the palace in the 16th century. Next, continue to the Ginseng Monopoly Showroom, an amethyst factory and Dongdaemun Market.

Start you day at the majestic Changdukgung Palace. After passing the Presidential Blue House, the Korean President's residence, stop at COEX Mall before proceeding to Lotte World, Korea's largest indoor theme park. With your 'Big 5' ticket, you get to enjoy cutting0edge rides, variety shows and more. At night, head to Namsam Park for a beautiful night views of Seoul.


oohh..looks fun right? :))

school will be starting soon! :))

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

i shall update my blog now, in case i get nag by ms casilda kwok for not updating. nothing much happen this week, just that events at the temple is over, and i accidently cut myself. never really meet up with my friends cuz i guess we are all busy with our own things.

its already April. time really flies when having fun. miss my peeps now. gonna choose my IS modules on wednesday. taking fundamental of marketing and business ettiqute[sp] and image. hope can get into the same class as cas lo. btw, my timeslot is 1000-1130. how great is that. boo! 1000 would mean i gotta wake up early...

:)) yeah yeah. only 9 more days before it!

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