Saturday, April 17, 2010

I tweet more than I blog...

So read the tweets for more happening.

Just freaking lazy to update this blog sometimes. =p

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Thursday, April 01, 2010
Update on Life

I’ve kinda abandoned my blog. Used to have a lot to talk about, but my life is getting more and more mundane and I really don’t know what to write. I guess if I do blog, I’d spent half of the time complaining how fucking horrible work can be. I think there is nothing fun to write about work as it’s becoming such a routine

Good Friday tomorrow, meaning I don’t have to go to work! A lot of times I try to enjoy my work BUT whenever I start to enjoy what I’m doing, something shitty will come and sweep me off my feet (in a bad way). I think I’ve spent most of my time crying over shit stuff. Just hate it when people pretend to be nice to you but are screwing you behind (not literally). So peeved about it yet can’t really have much of a say…at least during school days, classmates aren’t so complicated.

An obsession with Twilight Saga, I know previously I’ve more or less been bashing about it. I know if I like it, it would be never-ending. Thus I have been trying to stop myself from getting the novel. However, the “thou shalt not succumb to temptation” has failed and weak-willed me got the 1st book and was immediately hooked. Now my entire bedroom is filled with DVDs, OSTs, posters, bookmarks, postcards and magazine! I even got the Barbie Doll (I know…) and I don’t know why I could be so fan-girl about it. Bah!

Yeah~! I’ve also started doing scrap booking too! Just completed a “My Love” book and am so proud of it! Note to self that I gotta be more daring and allow my creativity to flow when I do it!!

I still got so many things to buy and I am trying to save more money for my trip to USA in October (cross-fingers). I am thinking of getting a Polaroid camera but which to choose? I am not going to get my DS anymore but I really thinking of getting an IPOD touch or classic. Maybe I’d just wait til December then decide again.

I know I hadn’t been blogging and I’ve spent most of the time on Twitter! Mad love for it!! I’d just be more diligent to update here, and not sitting at home facebook-ing, tweeting and watch beauty video on Youtube.



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