Monday, April 25, 2011
Random Rambling

I will do like a video or all the random things I have bought for month of March & April

It's gonna be damn long video!

I need a good video camera! Can anyone be nice and give it to me for my birthday?!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011
I'm an IDIOT!

Like literally!

I went online to buy stuff on Gmarket and I really should have checked properly before I click confirm order. I think there was a glitch and there was no unit no is my address! I was super panicky when I realise of this problem!! I had to quickly email all the sellers to ask them on this issue. The sellers are really awesome!! They got back to me asap and most of my package are sent out! (: Super happy max!!

I'm only left with my Angry Bird package! Sad sad sad! I hope the seller recieve the return mail soon and to send it out to me too! *prays* She's really nice and have been very helpful and ensuring me that she will send out once she recieves it!!

It's a bad yet good experience! Bad that it got me all panicky and really !@#@%^!# that my package may be lost, but good that the sellers are really responsible and helpful!

Thank You!!! Really sorry for troubling most of them with this problem!

Reminds self to be more careful and check carefully before I clicked on confirm order! ):

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011
R/S issues

Maybe if you decide to pop that question a few years ago, I will say yes! There is no choice for me as you are the only one to me! Maybe if we really got together, maybe it isn't so hard having people to try to hook me one with anyone and everyone, as though I am super desperate for a companionship/lover/whatever.

Always talking about this and that, saying I'm compatible with who and whom. I felt so compelled to say I will when you ask me about that yesterday! but my gut feeling just says that I shouldn't but maybe that would stop all this nonsense. ):

So yes, I would very much appreciate if you do not meddle in my personal life or relationship unless you fall into the category Family, BFFs, or very close friend

Thank you very much!

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

From the people that brought you "Cabin Fever", "Kill Bill". Directed, produced by Eli Roth, Quentin Tarantino brings into the world where the rich and powerful hold supreme as they buy their "victims" to..well...torture. It can fufil the sickest, wildest fantasy EVER!

I thought the movie was captivating and the way it's filmed makes you kinda thank the man up there you're safe behind the TV screen.

The tale of the prey and the predator fits nicely into this movie. The organization uses pretty, attractive women (Baits) to lure these horny boys (prey) to a rural area in Slovakia where they had to stay in this hostel, without knowing that horrible fate waiting for them.

the women are to die for, literally.

When I see this film, it kinda makes me think of what my mum always say be safe than sorry. the "must always be careful when you go out alone", or the fact that they don't allow me to go overseas with my friends is prolly because the fear of such things occurring. Thank our parents for being so protective!! It's worth it! XD

Sick Parts
- The psycho Dutch businessman drilling into Josh's pecs!
- Blow torch to Kana's eyes (!!!!!)
- The German guy torturing Paxton
- BLOOD, spine chilling screams and the pleadings!

Weird ass parts
- When Paxton went to look for that 2 hotties and see that they are really notties(!!) and demands to know where his friends are. The people in the bar all turn, it's as if they all know the atrocities that happening in this little village(?)
- Street kids are mean ass and they'd do anything for money and bubblegum! damn!!
- Everyone seemed to be involved in this conspiracy. Trust no one!!

Overall I think this movie is somewhat awesome! The scenes were nicely shot and the actors were fantastic and believable! If you really wanna watch this entire movie, go rent or get the DVD. Please don't rely on cable tv, they censored a whole load of crap off and some parts don't make sense! :S

4 stars out of 5 stars

More detailed synopsis of the story. Go check out

or Wikipedia

Just go watch the movie! Worth watching! Considered that it had won Empire Award for Best Horror Film in 2006, listed as Best American Film in 2006

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I feel totally loserish that I'm easily affected by things happening. I feel very affected emotionally and really unmotivated by it.

I need to stay strong and really think positively!


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Tuesday, April 05, 2011
6 Positive Things

Every morning when you wake up, if you can think of the 6 positive things, then maybe your life ain't that bad...

1) At least I woke up afterall to start a brand new day

2) I have a normal person

3) I have a roof over my head

4) I have a job that I can bring $ home to support my family

5) I have good family and friends who support me

6) I still have the strength to carry on

So I guess my life don't really suck, my job really ain't that bad and my world is still going on.

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Friday, April 01, 2011
1st Quatre of the year

APRIL FOOLS DAY! I'll update it soon! (: Busy with things lately. Loads of unneccessary things

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