Thursday, July 31, 2008

Feeling so emo today, cuz of something that happened in work. Plus Hurricane is not there to entertain me! =( So I kept quiet for the entire morning, ensuring all the transaction are done, and that I have updated LIA! I got a flu, and it's hard to concentrate during work, all I'm thinking of is SLEEP! *O*

I got plans, I wanna go Japan/Korea/Taiwan next year. But then, I got a few things that I want to buy~!! Like DS Lite, Digicam, and somemore of Ayumi's stuff. AND I'm gonna get Trinity Blood and Elfen Lied on X'mas, since Amazon may have christmas sale! =D The only reason I'm working is so I got some income! XD Other than that....bah!

Happy me is going to change her phone next week! =)) AND HSM on ICE next Sunday! =)

P/S I missed school so much! Boo

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Underestimated the time...forget about the traffic jam..happily boarded bus 75, more like stupidly boarded the bus. 0.o Got me all worried that I might be late for work but THANK GOODNESS, I reached the bus-stop near my work place at freaking 8.20! OMG! Got breakfast and reached office exactly at 8.30am. Heh~luckily I didn't sms sup to tell her I'd be late...indeed, THANK GOODNESS~!!!! Almost hyperventilated AGAIN! =( I seem to get nervous/stress EASILY lately. No good!

It's the last day of the month tomorrow, and luckily I got most of the transaction done IF NOT I'D BE STRESSED AGAIN! Sigh~ I'm starting to feel a lil sian at work, so many things to do and within 2 months of work, I got like 200+ cases already. OMG! I'm always like so gan chiong, and like so ks.

Just saw the news that there'd be a compilation album, as part of her 10th anniversary (I think). Elfen Lied anime got emo songs, lol!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Brain Dead

Today is first time I'm feeling tired and stress at work!! I got a 23 cases + 3 Cisco retrival cases + 1 ME + 1 HPS45 redeclared case today. That means I got a total of 28 omg! freaking cases to do today, and I only managed to clear 23 cases. I've got 5 more cases to interview tomorrow AND I WON'T BE AROUND IN THE MORING because I have to go for innoweek talk cum carnival day. =X

Hopefully tomorrow I won't be given too many cases. I'm volunteered to go to the National Day observation thingy on 5th August, together with Sandria. =)

I just got ayu-pan from my cousin last week. Sadly I didn't get the kimono one that I liked, but I got the fairy-like thingy. The other one was ok, but still I would prefer others la.

This are the ones I got:


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Monday, July 21, 2008

I think I will be very emo from Friday onwards, cuz that Hurricane (officially pang seh us) is not coming to work already, which means got no one to entertain to me! =X I will be very very bored!

I will try to upload pictures soon! (Cuz I got no camera phone, sold off my digicam). =S

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I got my HSM on ice tickets already!!

I did a really stupid thing today, while I was retrieving old cases today, I left 2 new cases behind and by 4pm I panicked. CUZ I REALISED I COULDN'T FIND THAT 2 CASES. I went around the team, asking if they have seen my case! Note to self, always back track movement before hyperventilating. XD

I'm meeting my cousin this Friday, means I can get my Ayu-pan and I HOPE that i can get the Ayupan in kimono! 8 years, and I'm still a crazy fan, but not that fanatic! XD

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Friday, July 11, 2008
Fish Spa

I love it, especially when it's Friday, and I'm getting my pay tomorrow! I've finally made up my mind and I'm gonna get HTC Touch Dual because it just looks so cool! =) I was browsing through all the telcom site, and finally settled on the phone I want! (After so long)

Today's work was ok, and I managed to complete them before 2pm. Lunch with Sandria at TP Exchange. =)) Afternoon, went to Qian Hu Fish Farm for fish spa, and it was only $5! It was fun, just that it was quite ticklish initially. After a while, it was really relaxing. AND MY FEET FEELS SO GOOD! LOL

Ah! By next week, I'd be a happy girl again, cuz I'd be recieving my Countdown Live 2007-2008 and 2 ~10 Anniversary~ Ayupan 2nd Launch! =]

Just so many reasons to be GAY! XD

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I almost jumped for joy when I logged into my email, opened up one of my emails! =) They have Countdown Live 2007-2008 HK VERSION!! And my cousin has already order it for me! Plus the Ayu-pans ARE HERE!! Yeah!

Busy busy and stress over work. The only thing that I'm looking forward to is payday. Cuz pay=more money= can buy the things I want = Happiness! =P Quite a bad way to describe happiness, but who cares. lol.

Met up with Scandal last Friday for dinner. It was great, we went shopping and had alot of fun! I love my scandal, and always will!


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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I got pay revision so I'm getting a lil more than what I was getting earlier! WHICH IS LIKE SO GOOD! OMG! I can buy more things...well, I can afford to get things that I want, in other words. *Hopefully*

So many dates this week and am going to meet so many people! =) Met up with Yuan Ee yesterday, poor thing! Luckily all is well and fine for her, so it's good news.

I think I going to get Anna Tsuchiya's album, after I get my pay next week. YEAH!

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