Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Work - Day Job

They have finally gave me some cases to do. I was quite nervous, as I'm required to interview them la. Thanks to YY, for being so patient, nicey to slowly help and teach me. I was like so dead nervous when I called BUT thankfully all the people I called are super nicey people, I was controlling my laughter all the time, so worried that I'd accidently burst out laughing (which is wrong!)

That Andrew! Forever calling me Alicia Keys, and keep singing that one line from her song to me. Roar! So I wanna get back at him, I went on Wikipedia to search on the name "Andrew" and was trying my luck, hoping to find a singer/actor/famous people from Hollywood with that name. BUT sadly all I found was Saint Andrew, Prince Andrew, Hurricane Andrew..etc..So I decided to be nice to him and call him Prince Andrew. Though his name meant "manly" & "courageous", I was telling him that it doesn't describe him...and he was like "you have hurt my feelings once again". LOL!

I think they'll throw me more case tomorrow, since I am more familiar with it, and I HOPE I don't get those scary people to interview! =S

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Birthday Girl


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Sunday, June 22, 2008
Birthday Blues

I'm just feeling blue as I'm no longer a teen ANYMORE! =( I'm now a young adult, and my age no longer starts with 1.

Birthday celebration at KBox, and since I got no camera phone, thus no picture.

Met up with Cas, Eugene and GC yesterday. Had dessert at Waffletown, before heading down to Suntec City to have lunch at Bombay Xpress Cafe. Sorry GC, totally couldn't finish the food, and in the end we all had to settled for japanese ramen. We shall not be too adventurous in future. Walked around and headed down to Cineleisure to take neoprint, I shall scan it when I feel like it, cuz I'm too lazy. =P I bought a Gackt photo, and 2 DBSK (Since it's buy 1 get 1 free) at the idol shop in Cine, shall go back there in future to get more nicey things. =D



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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's already Wednesday, meaning I'm just 2 days away from the weekend! =) I gotta remember to book for K-Box tomorrow for Sunday. Birthday celebration that is. There are a whole list of things I'm gonna get when I get my pay in future.

Wishlist (for now)
- Ayumi Hamasaki Countdown Live 2007-2008
- Ayumi Hamasaki Tour of Secrets 2007
- Ayumi Hamasaki Ayumix 6 -Gold- & -Silver-
- Samsung i8
- IPhone (for X'mas)
- Pink DS Lite (for X'mas too!)

I was kinda influenced by my brother about the IPhone thingy. I have decided that I want my next phone to be IPhone. The price they are going to sell is reasonably cheap, and hopefully it's the price that they've stated! I'm gonna save up and by X'mas (Dec) I'm able to get most things that I really want. *woots

Just 4 more days til I reached the 2. OMG!

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Monday, June 16, 2008
Monday Blues

I had difficulty sleeping last night and found myself tossing and turning in bed. :( It's not a good thing considering the fact I have work and that I have to wake up like 6.30 in the morning! Thankfully I wasn't at all feeling sleepy when I'm at work today, and I think part of the reason is because my colleagues were nice enough to give me work to do. AND they were patient enough to listen to all my neverending questions, and teach me stuff like variations la!

I am starting trying my best to adapt to working life. Don't really like the going to work part, cuz the train from Jurong East to Orchard always seem to be darn crowded and that is no good. At times I feel faint, cuz its too packed for air!! :(

I was just discussing about Vanilla (Gackt's song) with my cousin. She sent me the english translation of the song and boy was I surprised. I never ever had any idea the entire song was about sex. I was reading through the person's explanation and stuff, and it was quite erm.. =P Nonetheless, it is still a nice song! =)

I'm busy decorating my office desk to make it feel more homely. =) Had the piglet, that Steph gave me last x'mas, on my table holding the pen for me. LOL. Brought moisturiser to office so as not to suffer from dry skin due to the constant exposure to air condition. =]

I've decided to save money and get the DS Lite this X'mas! :)))

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Finally understood the true significance of TGIF! =) It's already the weekends, meaning I've worked for a week already!! The work environment is nice, and I got caring colleagues! Always making sure I'm coping well with work, and occasionally offering me lil tidbits.

Decided to include the CBox to make it more convenient for my friends to leave me messages. =) Dinner meet up with Shu Xian and Siew Chin, I think it's been a while since we last had a meal together. I feel so bad, I totally left their presents in the office when I rushed off at 5.30pm so as not to be late for the appointment. :P Sorry babes, we'd prolly meet again soon! Got my advanced birthday present from both of them *hugs* Thanks! =)

I'm going 20..hur hur. No longer a teen! Boo!

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Honeymoon period for now. Nothing much to do at work, going through like orientation kinda sessions. Great boss and cool colleagues! =) All very fun, nice and really helpful.

Can't wait to get my pay this month. OMG! I just ordered 2 ~10 Anniversary~ Ayupans and I'm saving up to get Ayu-mix -Gold- & -Silver-, CDL, Tour of Secrets!!! Yeahness to work, cuz income = buying things. =))

Meeting SX and SC for dinner tomorrow and it's like so long since I last saw both of them! =)

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Friday, June 06, 2008
I've got a job!

Boo ya! I've got a job, and am starting work just next week. Woo! I will have money to spend, and I will have money to watch High School Musical on ice! =) So looking forward to the show, but am torn between the $29.50 tix and $45.50 tix. Oh man~! Don't know which to choose. =P

Just got my Princess Diaries Book 6 today, and only started reading a few pages! =) I'm kinda lazy to post any pictures from the graduation now. Maybe when I'm in the mood, then we'll see. hahas.

Oh the happyness!

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