Thursday, May 28, 2015
My problem

I am emotional
I have a lot of insecurities
I am immature
I am skeptical
I have trust issue

I think I am confident, I look confident but I am not confident at all. I am conscious about the way I look. I don't think I am good enough for anyone. I am fearful I will become a needy person. I am scared of scaring people off with my overthinking and my insecurities. I am afraid of myself, mostly.

I am not the type of person who is very daring or open about my sexuality. I have met many men out there who are playing with my feelings. I fall in love too easily and I end up getting hurt and cry about it. I don't trust anything they tell me, I have to second guess their motives and intentions. Yes I have trust issues. I am very sensitive and I am very very emotional.

I am afraid of getting hurt.
I am afraid of being weak.
I am afraid of crying

Typing this make me wanna cry and self pity. But I know I am stronger than that. I know now I am not ready for any relationship. Maybe I get into a relationship for the sake of going into it? I don't think I am mature enough to handle a relationship. I know I'm 27 but still, I need to grow up in my thinking.

Hwaiting me!

Be Strong and Be Happy! :)

hydefied - @ 14:24