Friday, October 17, 2014
Halloween 2014

The only word that sums up these entire event - AWESOME

You need same minded people to attend such events together. I thought we were very fast and on the ball with this.

We meet for dinner at TCC at 6.30pm, walked Sentosa Boardwalk to USS. We were relatively very coordinated in this. While some of them went for the toilet, GC, Katrina and I went to settle the locker stuff. Manage to squeeze 8 people's bag into 2 lockers.

I was intensely nervous because I dunno what to expect. We went in USS around 7.35pm. Had to skip Jack's 3D haunted house the queue was an hour. Went to Boogeyman - scarezone - thinking it was a haunted house. I was like omggg..creepy.

Exited first scare zone and the rest decided we should go Jing's Revenge. I almost chickened out because I wasn't expecting to go that first. Chinese ghost isn't my strength and it doesn't help that they played heavy metal music to mess with your mind.

Our sequence of haunted house was Jing's Revenge, Mati Camp, The Lab and Jack's 3D.

Each queue was an estimate of 20 to 45 min, up til about 10+pm, every haunted house queue time would be expected to be an hour and up.

we completed all the scarezone and haunted house by 12 am and we started moving on to rides.We managed to catch the shows and left USS at 2.15am

Thoroughly enjoyed myself for this event. We completed everything and everyone was enthusiastic to go for the haunted houses. :)

Thank you all for making my HHN4 awesome and so enjoyable this year! <3 br="">

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