Monday, December 31, 2012
Recap of 2012

Best of 2012
1) Still Twilight and collection is growing!!
2) Breaking Dawn Part 2!
3) Stable job w/ good bonus
4) Swissotel was a blast again!!!
5) Memorable X'mas
6) Apple TV y'all!
7) Family CNY trip to Taiwan
8) Happy family
9) Awesome buddies!
10) My love and obsession with Captain America
11) Photo shoot with Susu & Lala
12) L'arc~en~ciel 20th Anniversary Concert

The top few things wish to forget in 2012
1) Idiotic, unreasonable, stupid people
2) Problems
3) Disasters
4) Emotional issues
5) R/S problems
6) Lost my iPhone

New Year Resolution
1) Try to save a bit more
2) Be emotionally stronger
3) Laugh wholeheartedly
4) Live meaningfully
5) More travels =)
6) Work hard, play harder
7) Blog more often
8) Stop putting things off!!
9) Love genuinely
10) Get back in a habit of reading
11) Be a better daughter, sister, friend

Hope 2013 means
* Taiwan Trip with cousin
* Good company of friends
* French/ German
* Comic Con 2013/2014
* Less disasters, and better economy
* More bonus (please!)
* Stronger bonds with buddies
* Redesigned bedroom

Before 2014, I hope...
- To have an iMac
- To have an iPad mini
- Try to be a pro in make-up
- Youtubber pro~
- life will still continue to be meaningful, fun and enjoyable


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Tuesday, December 25, 2012
Merry xmas

Merry Christmas 2012 and may this seasons bring loads of joy, happiness, fun and love!

May your wish be granted and socks be filled with well wishes and presents!

We survived the apocalypse!

Joy to the world!

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Saturday, December 01, 2012
About being Positive

I've come to a realisation that I'm being very negative ever since I've come to my new job.

All I do everyday is complain, feel depressed about going to work, feel like quitting, and demoralised.

I think it's prolly I have mixed with very negative people. All we do whole day is complain how horrid people are and we wanna leave and find a new job.

Now I feel is if you can get a good job with higher pay outside then by all means you should go and stop complaining. No one I forcing you to stay and if you wanna go just leave. It will be better isn't it? Well, I'm kinda affected by the negativity and I feel very irritated with myself

I need my positivity and now I can feel this vibe slowly coming back and I hope I'm not gonna get affected by the negative vibes too. Aish

December will be awesome and 2013 is gonna be awesome!!

Chris Evans! See you in 2014! <3

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