Wednesday, February 21, 2007
My Chinese New Year

My CNY this year is quite alright. Maybe cause I didn't do much visiting. Went for the Good Vibrations concert in monday, but left after a while. The music was good, good looking guys all around, but the weather was bad...raining rather heavily. I think the rain dampered my mood greatly.

sSiannzations. No fun~ I wanna spend my next CNY somewhere overseas. ((: it'd be fun. Bad weather for this season, raining every where to go, no place to have fun. I guess I've grown up (Like finally!), CNY isn't that fun as it was when I was younger. Gee~

Blehx..have fun! (:

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
2nd Review

Yeah-ness. It's all OVER! ((: Was dead nervous, didn't understand the entire VPN thingy but thanks to Francis, I managed to explain it like a pro~ ((: They didn't ask me much questions, cuz i was the last one and the panels was obviously tired. *don't know if it's good or bad*

Huggies to everyone who helped me, encouraged me through the entire presentation, attachment and everything~ Loves


Happy Valentine's Day!

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Monday, February 12, 2007
New Album

Yeah-ness!! Saw from Ayumi's webby that she'd be releasing her 2 new best albums, namely Black & White. Pictures Below.

Credits to


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Thursday, February 08, 2007
All Over

Presentation, yesterday, was terrific! (: I was the last one to present, and while looking at all my friends' presentation, it got me nervous and all....cuz theirs seem so informative, so much details. it was nerve wreaking. But I manage to toss aside my nervousness, and slowly the confidence starts flowing in. In the end, Francis said my presentation was good, and that I bring across my message clearly. That means, I MAY GO ON TO 2ND REVIEW. ((: *fingers crossed*

Did you know? if you qualify for 2nd review, it means you either get an A or a F.

Met up with Ben, Wei Zheng, Chicky and Ming Kang yesterday, straight after presentation. it was great seeing them again! (: Lunch was fabulous~all the catching up and stuff. *smiles* I miss so many of you peeps~ good luck for the exams, good luck for your attachment!

Last week was really nice. William took all four of us out, including Ron, Adrian, Yee Shiang, Francis, to Botak (sells good western food) for lunch~ I ordered Salmon, almost immediately regretted once i munched into bones. :x bleh~ Then on Friday, David gave us all a treat with pizza. :D cool beans.

May go down from Monday to Wednesday to help out the the JAE admission thingy. Hopefully I don't have any activity on that day. ((: Chinese New Year next Sunday. Yeahness. No more usual visiting, as I dun see any point in doing so. bleh_ XD

Take Care y'all. (:

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

i've promoted....from intern to temporary staff. ((: 4 more days to freedom, and tomorrow shall be my final presentation. *fingers crossed* wish me luck.

5 months just flew past me in a flash, it seem just like yesterday i was complaining to my cousin that attachment is so siann~ Been rather tired and all lately, blame the pms-ing. Tomorrow shall be a fine day. I love it when you just hug and tell me all would be fine~

Can't wait to see Cas, and the rest of the E1 peeps soon~ Cheers. shall do a long post after this week. ((:

For Final Presentation, it should include
  1. Company Profile
  2. Job Specification
  3. Job Detail
  4. What I've learnt
  5. whats more?

Darn. I'm lost lost lost~ And this SUCKS and damn damn damn~ Who's gonna do inventory tomorrow?

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