Friday, January 27, 2006
Free & Easy

After whatever that happen for these past few weeks, i realised i've committed so many mistakes that is unlikely of me to do. it made me wiser, and also made me go through a stage of self-reflection. upon reading the book that my cousin gave me, it dawned on me that i have been mixing around with the wrong company, and finding people at the wrong place.

i've learnt my lesson in a somewhat painful way, but it made me more mature in alot of ways, in terms of my thinking and my views. i am more aware of my body and spoken language so as not to send out the wrong signal and attract trouble. lucky for me, i have my cousin and my close budd to support me through these matters.

love isnt physical, its more of spiritual and emotional matter.

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Friday, January 20, 2006
Real Me

first and foremost, sorry for not updating for like ages. been rather busy with projects, dates, homeworks and alot alot and alot. wanted to update, but at times, i am either too tired or just suffering from a writer's block.

got my results back last week. 87 for engineering mathematics, and 83 for analoge electronics. its good but then not got enough in my opinion. ben and i bug suzanne for our report writing grades. got 25/30. not bad, never got so high for my writing cuz during sec sch, i usually get like 21 or 22. so its an improvement for me. but i'd work harder to get the same grades like my 27 or more. my brother is a pro!

had 2 minutes speech on monday. my topic was "traveling as a form of education", brought in examples of practices from Japan and Egypt, to be able to convince my fellow classmates that traveling can indeed be educational. hope it was good enough, cuz i was dead nervous.

i still dont like iac, very very boring. project is due 2 weeks later and my group has just started doing it, how great is that? hope i can do well for this project cuz i am aiming an A, hopefully AD. oop was a killer on tuesday, didnt understand the part on the "". thanks to shi hui and rachel, i successfully completed it with a grade B. i hope i can do well for OOP if i wanna get straight As this semester *fingers crossed*

reformatted my computer another time. killer, it was so tiring....had to reinstall all the programs. boo!! sucks sia! then later, i have to do soldering for my board, accidently broke 2 drilling nails(?) during EPS and made OTS very pek chek....hahahahah...(^_^)/

going out with my sister tomorrow to meet my cousin at orchard cineleisure. have the buffet thingy and talk alot and i guess its neoprint again! :P addicted to the machine......

anyway, chinese new year is coming soon. wishing you all a prosperous new year in advance! i noe i am gonna enjoy mine!

cheers* \(^_^)/

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hari Raya Haji today, which means no school. so, i have to start on the IAC project soon, cuz the dateline is next monday. awful and tired. (^_^)/

sorry for not updating diligently, been rather busy with so many things that i cant find time to think and write. and i cant really remember what happen lately. frustrated! was great, went there for like 1 and 1/2 hrs, and i headed home after that. dawg! its still raining today. sick! blehx! no good at all! raining means i cant go out, and i am so bored!! hur hur hur

so looking forward to friday, cuz i can get to meet yuann`. so great to see her again! but i do hope it dun rain again! i dun like it when it keeps raining, very siann. it hinders my movement and makes me bored, and brings down my mood as i wont feel like going out! i am quite a troublesome gal! :)

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
everlasting dream

math common test was ok. i can attempt almost 80% of the paper. so its a good thing, cuz i was worried shit before the paper! glad its all over. with EG2 down, i still got AEL left, so it isnt so some ways. (^_^)/

yea...went to west mall with fir, liting, ian, hao ge ge, cas. nice, arcade again! honestly, we have to stop paying visits to the arcade. cuz in some ways, its brain consuming, i can feel part of my brain gone. nah, just kidding. its addictive!

tired. almost fell asleep on the bus. *yawn* so many things, so little time! dawg!

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Endless sorrow

i guess this new year wasnt so exciting. i am so not looking forward to it and i am not even into the mood to countdown. i dun like to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and just cheer?! that's so not me cuz i am not that happening or outgoing. maybe its the way i am brought up, therefore, i spend the last minutes of 2005 watching AXN. boring? too bad, i found it enjoyable, cuz i am with my family, and that means alot! (^_^)/

attended my cousin's wedding yesterday. not too bad, but i was dragged out of bed at bout 5 in the morning, as i had to be one of the bride's companion (?!) something like that. as her husband come from a rather big family, with grandparents and has to be so tradition, so many rules and customs to follow......tiring! i dun want to get married this way!

wedding dinner at night. all the same! b-o-r-i-n-g!

got to sleep peacefully...and i finally rested! and went to chinatown in the evening. its raining but it is still so fucking crowded. irritated! i miss my friends, 2 weeks seem like 2 months...dawg! no worries, i can meet up with them tomorrow!! yea man! (^_^)/

last but not least, i hope 2006 will be an eventful year for me!


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Sunday, January 01, 2006
no more words

Happy New Year, y'all! hope you peeps have a fantastic year ahead!

miss so many people. so many people, and so little time. and my girlfriend had to ditch me to go to her boyfriend who is currently in Australia. but never mind, cuz i love you sweetie, and so very much!

i guess AEL isnt as difficult as i thought of it to be. its more of EL Tech, as in the method use to solve the questions and everything, but one thing is rather worrying, i may not be able to memorise the formulas. dawg!

so wish me luck, ok? i will need a whole lot of it.

lastly, cas, fir, hao, san, i miss you all so so much!!



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