Monday, December 29, 2008
Time flies when....

I'm having fun (lotsa fun, I mean)

Booked a 1 night stay at Meritus Mandarin on Saturday just so to use up the (e)ben provided by company. I miss the nice bed, toilet, sofa and HBO-ing all night. =(

The wonderful times. =)

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Thursday, December 25, 2008


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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
2 Days to Xmas

Yesterday was quite a busy day, since I was going on leave for 2 days. I had to clear up most of my work (eg. ME, CL, MR etc) Had tons of activity in the afternoon. 12-2pm was our team christmas party, from 2-3pm was this implementers award ceremony, and 3.30 to 4.30pm had this skincare talk.

Lots of food to eat for the party. They prepared mee siam, fried rice, Old Chang Kee chicken wings, tahu goreng, log cake, salad, agar-agar, and Golden Pillow thingy. After that was gift exchange. Didnt expect everyone to prepare presents, so was quite paiseh. Here are my presents! =)

From Louise =)

Chocolates and cookies from Shirley

Gifts from supervisors (Ms Chui, Joan, Su-Yi, Janet and Jessica)

A rug from Janet

Cushion from Lance and Vicki

Fruit cakes (made and nicely wrapped by Su-Yi)

My present (from gift exchange). From my buddy-Vicki.
Its a gold Agnes B pouch! =) Likey~

Lastly, lunch at Disney Naturally located at Anchorpoint. =)



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Sunday, December 21, 2008

4 more days to Christmas. I got my bonus too! =)

I can't wait for my Green/Days single! It has been shipped, and there will be poster too *Please don't fold and destroy my poster!* I will then get the other version is SG, as it'd be cheaper!

X'mas gift exchange and party tomorrow.

Merry X'mas, y'all


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Tuesday, December 02, 2008
Team Building Course

All new staffs are required to attend this basic milestone foundation programme. I had to go for the part II of the programme. Went down earlier to work to clear all the effect cover cases. Then after mingle around a bit, and went down around 8.55am. Surprised that Michelle was already there, so hang around and talk talk. Had a slight briefing and self introduction (something that I hate). I was thinking it was gonna be a long boring day.

Straight after the self introduction, we proceed on to have breakfast session with CMs. After breakfast, had yet another 2 talk and kinda like a powerpoint presentation on the values/missions thingy. We had to mix around and eventually formed 2 groups of 12. After lunch break, we "officially" started the game. Our team was Team Panda (Thanks to Gabriel who was the panda for the staff seminar)

The 1st game was "Focus on Customer". Basically we have to go out and there and cards numbered 1 to 20 on the floor. There is a rope that surrounds the card. The rules were that at any 1 time only 1 member of the team can enter and serve 1 customer.

Basically what we planned was that one member will go into the "circle" and the rest of the team will surround it. And we will facilitate the one inside where the numbers are by calling out the number to her. Eventually after 3 rounds, we WON!! =)

2nd game: Practice life long learning

Our job is for each team to go through the path and lead the team from one side to there only. The trick is that there is only 1 path, and the rest of the squares are mines/bombs. Thinking that it will be quite a tough one, we decided to use the wild card (Joker) so that even if we lose, we get double points. (Winner gets 10, Loser -5 pt). Then again, we worked together and successfully brought our team over! (Which means we got double of 10 = 20!)

Hopefully the other induction programmes will still be fun! I can't wait to get my bonus!! =))

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