Sunday, February 12, 2012
Lush Product Review

Ok, I'm gonna talk about the things I've bought and tried recently.

1) you snap my whip
This is a massage exfoliating bar that I bought recently. I went to Lush and I was telling the girl I wanted to try something that I could use as an exfoliator, a sales person tried Buffy but I found it too abrasive and I didn't like the smell of it. So she recommended this, and its really nice! It's slightly abrasive but it's gentle as compared to the rest.

2) honey I wash the kid soap
O.M.G!!! This is the best smelling soap ever!!! It smells like honey, toffee and so sweet! I am almost tempted to go taste it but I had to stop myself! It lathers really well! I really can see why it's their best seller one!

3) twilight bath bomb
I have tried a few of their bath bombs and this is my favorite! I like the smell and it's very soothing! It's really creamy and leaves your skin feeling very moisturised and silky! The color turns shimmery purple and so mysterious! It doesn't hurt the name is the same as my favorite vampire series! Honestly, I first got the product cuz of the name

4) rehab shampoo
I decided to purchase this product cuz I watched juicystar07 video. I went to Lush and I was telling the girl about u hair condition. Coincidently, she recommended the exact same product to me. Honestly I didn't really like the smell of it..maybe it was too citrusy to my liking. Definitely néed to use this with a conditioner as it leaves your hair feeling very dry, almost like it strips the oil off your hair. But definitely a good product and I seldom have dandruff problems these days! Like!!!

I have gotten a few more products that I'm super excited to try and hopefully I can do another review on them!

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