Monday, July 23, 2018
Looking Back

I was bored this past weekend and I ended up re-reading this blog all the way to my first post. I was really an emotional rack but there are also fun memories.

I went back to Facebook and re-friended most people because I am a grown-up. I cannot expect everyone to be how I want them to be. I need to accept that people will change and people will get on with their lives, just as how I have myself. Although I did see that I wanted to throw away the gifts but it is still sitting in my drawer.

I cant throw away the memories. They were still good memories and I just need to tell myself to move on.

Be happy and move on. I'd be happier on my own, I have my own good friends and I am still blessed with all that I have.

Thank you but this will be the last time I will post on you, or them.

hydefied - @ 15:55