Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Mixed feeling that just keep tumbling down

Quit walloping in self pity!

I don't like this emotional side of me. Little things and actions get to me! ): Need to learn to be strong for myself and not spiral in deeper! It isn't going to help and it isn't making it better! Gosh!

Recovered from the emo side of me and hoping that I am able to do what I can to get through 9 days!!! Hwaiting!!

When we are left with nothing, what do we cry for?

I love you but it isn't meant to be...

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Monday, May 23, 2011
Random updates

I guess when I am leaving, I kinda wanna leave immediately and not do this 1 month notice, it's suffocating as well as demoralizing. If I really had a choice, 2 weeks notice and I'm out! I'm already considering if I should just clear off my 1 Off day and 1 AL to bring my last day to 6th. Fug! ):

Friday was horrid! I wanted to leave like immediately!! I was getting really emo over loads of things and just wanted to escape to my own safety room and cry! never mind, I got a messy room to clear and I went down Ikea, didn't wanna bother Eddy to go with me cuz really ma fan him, so I decided to go alone. Plus I wanted time to be alone, myself and not have to face anyone and pretend that I am ok when I'm not. He was nice and wanted to come pick me up but I really don't wanna cry infront of him so I took a cab home instead! ): Started with all the cleaning, clearing away all the junk. Cleaning up is really refreshing and make you feel brand new and it's an awesome feeling. When I'm feeling really emo, cleaning my room helps!

Spend my Saturday doing laundry, and met my cousin at Central, then Liang Court cuz I wanna go Kinokuniya as there was a 20% going on there that weekend. Didn't get much in the end, but shopped at Medi-ya to get more things, ie chocolates, some tray for my perfumes. Had ice-creams and it was really nice! (: Insomnia that night, and was chatting with Yuan Ee on skype. Only managed to fall back to sleep at 4am

Used the time on Sunday to clear all the misc trash and junk in the room, then watched a whole lot of TV til I got really bored of it! Blasted my player with a dose of Bruno Mars and watched the world go by.

I wish I can leave ASAP and I don't wanna face a lot of things. It's hurting but I can't avoid, it's painful but I can't stop.

Even though I smile and laugh, it doesn't mean it's ok, it doesn't heal the wound and it doesn't make it better.

It's been a while since I write such emo post but then again, I will be ok by the end of the day!

Hwaiting Alicia!


Happy Birthday Yuan Ee! I really really miss you!! I hate the fact that when I really have such shitty moments, you are not a sms away and when I know you are struggling, I can't drop you a sms or anything. I really hope 31 December 2011 will come soon so I can meet and really have so many things to tell you! ): Take care babe. Missed~

14 days, 336 hours, 201660 minutes, 1209600 seconds

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Why Bother

Why do people treat you not as truly as you treat them?

Ah Fuck~ whatever, I'm already leaving, why bother?

Getting emo won't help, getting upset won't help, why bother?

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Gotta quit getting emo over you!

I need a break! So yes, TGIF!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011
I just don't understand

It's a strange feeling!

Sometimes I don't know why I choose to just meet you, ignoring the little voice behind my head, and dang! I know I will regret my decision! ): You said I have left something with you, so ok, I will meet you since I need to get it back! I guess sometimes the things you do throw me into a whirlpool of emotions and that isn't good at times. When you just hold and kiss me, my tears just flow down, I don't know why, it just dropped. ): Maybe it make me rethink our strange relationship and what do we really mean to each other! It make me second guess my decision to let this whole thing end. End up, this will go on for a while, but yes! I have to move on!!

So much work to clear and I am getting frustrated that I don't seem to be able to concentrate in them! Hwaiting Alicia! Gotta do my best and give it all out! (: Make it count! Gotta keep the faith! I hope my new job will be better! Although I will miss a whole lot of people, I am taking a step forward to what I wanna do! (:

I will update more when I get my room cleaned up! It's a horrid horrid mess AND I am going to go Ikea to get all the nice storage box and THROW THE JUNK OUT! Sat will be meeting my cousin and we're going Marina Square, then Suntec, then Liang Court since Kino is having 20% and I am already eying some of the things there that I wanna get!

Wish me luck!


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Monday, May 16, 2011

I am changing my job! At times, may feel a little regretful but it's all for the good and I will stop being fickle minded and look forward to this new change! I can't say anything until it is official and I think I am really excited to go to the new workplace. As much as I may not bear to leave a familiar place I have been with for the past 3 years, I know change will eventually come and it has! (: fingers crossed but it will be nice!

I went Thriller Live yesterday afternoon, second last show! (: It was awesome, but I think Singaporeans take a while to warm up. It was a performance of Micheal from his childhood days to his solo career. The 1st part of the show, the audience was really tame, mild and nothing, nadah! then intermission and by the 2nd part, more or less everyone was in the groove and I was almost singing ALL the way and moving with the beat...the part when everyone went CRAZZZIIIIIEEEEE was during Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Bad, Thriller, Billie Jean. Everyone was up on their feet, cheering really loudly, singing along and dancing. The crowd behind me was absoluely wild!!!!! <3 <3 Except the people sitting in front, they looked bored -.-

i think if they ever have another of such live performance, I will definitely attend cuz it was awesome!!!!! (:

Last day of work 8th June

16 days, 384 hours, 23040 minutes, 1382400 seconds to my last day of work!

Hwaiting! ((:

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Important things to talk about! Will explain soon!

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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I got really good news (which only my family and some of my good friends know!)

I will offically announce it once everything is confirmed and finalized!


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