Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Recap of 2013

Best of 2013
1) A new job!
2) 25th Birthday Party
3) Stable job w/ good bonus
4) Swissotel Stamford was awesome!
5) Outings with Family & BFFs
6) Taiwan Trip with Cousin!
7) Love for Anna Sui cosmetic
8) Happy Family
9) Most awesome and supportive BBFFs
10) My love and obsession with Captain America
11) New make-up set-up

The top few things wish to forget in 2013
1) Ex Good Friends
2) Falling Sick
3) Disasters
4) Emotional issues
5) R/S problems

New Year Resolution
1) Save! Save! Save!
2) Be emotionally stronger
3) Live, Laugh, Love
4) More travels =)
5) Work hard, play harder
6) Blog more often
7) Stop putting things off!!
8) Get back in a habit of reading
9) Be a better daughter, sister, friend

Hope 2014 means
* Taiwan
* Japan Trip with mom and sis
* Good company of friends
* Pick up a new language
* Save up for USA!
* Less disasters, and better economy
* More bonus (please!)
* Stronger bonds with buddies

Before 2015, I hope...
- To have an iMac
- Try to be a pro in make-up
- Spending more quality time with love ones
- Get Married?! LOL
- life will still continue to be meaningful, fun and enjoyable


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Wednesday, December 04, 2013
Change in mood

2 days ago, my colleague commented that I seem happier. I think this is a good thing, it means I am slowly letting go of things. Not dwell on the unhappiness and make myself emo and sick.

For now, I will just treat them neutrally, acquaintances and nothing more. I cannot stand people playing victim and being a fake bitch. Don't act friendly infront of me but bitch in social media. Childish and grow up please. The world don't revolve around you either honey~

Anyway, feel inspired to do a empties blogspot every month or 2. It's a great way to know the products I am using up and how I feel about them.

I have done my christmas wishlist but prolly will be up in the next post. Christmas is my favourite month and it is the time i spend with my good friends and family

May all my christmas always be merry and awesome.


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