Tuesday, January 27, 2015
I am just not into sex


Do you really think I am going to give it to you on our first meet up? Are you fucking kidding me?!

I think in a relationship the following factors are important

a. Communication
b. Trust
c. Getting to know each other
d. Affection
e. sex

yes, ultimately sex is a factor but it is not the most important factor here. I really don't get this logic that oh even if you're compatible but if there is no awesome sex, then end up the other half will cheat. I mean are you serious????

is that the main reason why some partners cheat? Because their other half don't give them good sex? Isn't it because of communication breakdown? No trust?


Men can be that shallow!!!!! :(

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Monday, January 26, 2015

I admit it's part of my fault because I put myself out there to get disappointed. I thought if I tried adjusting the age range higher, I would meet genuine and sincere people who are interested to talk about things.

Long story short, I decided to randomly create a profile on a dating site just to be able to get to know more people. At the end of the day, guys will always be guys, so don't be deceived by the things that are written on the profile.

1) I think people should be honest with each other
I don't get how we started talking a nice conversation. Then they will start to request for you to send them a photo. I am not exactly comfortable in sending a photo, thus I will just go like, yeah...you can see them at my instagram because I guess it is more real since I will update there more often. Suddenly the conversation stopped...and I am left like ok, what happen? So thanks for proving to me the point that men in dating sites are very shallow and looking for quick sex/ one night stands.

I think if you don't like you see, at least have the basic courtesy to be upfront about. Don't go on blocking or exiting the conversation. Real mature, -.- and thanks for leading me on all this time, I felt that I have wasted my time trying to get to know this people.

2) It will never be normal conversation
 Proven like 95% of the time. It will start with very innocent conversation like talking about books/interest. Then he will just go, I'm horny, or my prick is whatever. Are you fucking kidding me?! Do you even talk to your normal girl friends like that?

I hate it when in the profile it's all butterflies and ponies and unicorns but when you start with an actual conversation, it becomes sex sex and more sex.

Top 3 common conversation I get when chatting with disgusting men online
a) Do you masturbate?
b) What's your favorite position?
c) Are you feeling horny?

HELLO! FOR FUCK SAKE, I BARELY KNOW YOU! HOW IS THIS CONVERSATION POSSIBLE? Don't fucking write how you wish for someone who has nice qualities and to be this and that when in your tiny mind you just want a fuck buddy. grrrrr...!!!

3) Don't believe in what you read
They will go on how they want their other halves to be. Then it will be that looks don't matter and personality is most important. HAHA DAMN FUCKING SHIT LOOKS DON'T MATTER! I'm sorry I don't look like a model or sex symbol. I'm sorry I am plus size and prolly not the kind of girl you can show off to your friends. Don't fucking go all saint when you are shallow, desperate and disgusting.

If this is the quality of the guys out there. I rather be forever alone!!

Ok. Rant over. I think the title "disappointed" is not quite accurate. It should be pissed out, irritated, frustrated but then again it's an angry disappointment.

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Thursday, January 01, 2015
Happy New Year 2015

New Year
New Beginning

A fresh start and may 2015 be smooth-sailing, fun, and better than 2014!

Happy New Year 2015!

2 more days to Susu's wedding! <3 br="">

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