Monday, October 30, 2006
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- Please just tell me that everything is wonderful -

Everyone is so fake. They are so nice in front of you, yet choose to gossip about you behind your back. Sigh~ The ugly side of the human.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Argh! I can't stand any of their racist comment. All day long I'm hearing their indian insulting. What is their fucking problem? I only commented this guy who is goodlooking, and I am their target of ridicule! Fuck....This is the very first time I really feel like crying. *screams*


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Thursday, October 19, 2006
Tired Day

Met at Habourfront MRT @ 0930. Head down to Sentosa in Yee Shiang's car~ :) We first arrive at the beach station to get the neccessary equipment like portable batteries, bridges, laptop, and also access point. We came here.

This is the place where you take the tram to places that you wanna go. Two colors, and both will lead you to each end of the place.

This blue one will bring you to Siloso Beach. The guys, CL & YS, love Siloso Beach, because they can get to see girls in bikini. =.=''; Ham Sup~

This will get you to Palawan Beach, Tanjong Beach, Dolphin Lagoon. Not bad, very convenient.

We hope on to the blue tram and headed to Siloso beach to do the testing.

I stayed at Delifrance area to hold up the antenna to connect to CL's antenna which is at the Island Life. Lucky all went smoothly and we ended in less than 2 hours.

Off we go to lunch at Alexander, I think, there. And I chanced upon this car.

Like what the hell! What did the driver do to make his/her car like that sia!?!

After lunch, we went back to Siloso beach again, and I saw a group of japanese guys! One of them caught my attention! He's so CUTE! =)) BUT I didn't dare to ask him to take picture la, paiseh lei. =") While Yee Shiang was talking on the phone, I starting taking some pictures. Bo liao mah.

The Flying Trapeze. Looks fun, but I think it's kinda scary. =(

Wooo....Ice-cream....but then we are there to work and not eat. I even had to forgo the Ben's & Jerry at Siloso there. =((

Monorail! Should be ok in December le. And will be operating in January! Wow Wow! I am looking forward to it :D

Mei mei! I've seen the purple, reddish pinkish one, blue. Looks like a LRT! =))

After we're done with Siloso, ensuring that it has wireless coverage. We took the green tram down to Palawan Beach to see where we should position the antenna and stuff.

Haha. Next time I know how to get here le. heh heh heh.

Anyway, nothing more to update liao la. Tomorrow work will start at 2pm! Woooo.....

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Kinda long since I last blog. Been busy the whole of last week at sites. Monday, I went to NUS, Tuesday was PUB Training Center and from Wednesday - Friday was all at Sentosa. Shall not really update on the details. Just that last week was at least the week I did not stoned in office.

some delayed pictures... =)

My dad's birthday cake from BreadTalk. Not too bad. It isn't very sweet, I guess cause of the slight bitterness of the coffee. Overall, quite good taste! =D

My cousin, mum and sister. We head down to Takashimaya last last Tuesday night. There was a mooncake fair, and my sister wanted to get the Dragon Pheonix Restaurant's mooncakes. We had japanese ice-creams. My cousin had green tea flavour, while my mum and I shared the chocolate and my sis....well, she went for the wasabi flavour. kinda weird. It's cold, yet when you eat, it's spicy. Weird

My lovely sister bought this for me. Kinda cute right?! I was like " this is cute.." and she was like " choose lor, I buy for you." Woooo......yeah~ ^0^V So nice of her. =)

Wednesday to Friday were days I went to Sentosa. We didnt meet at Habourfront MRT station like last time. Instead, we met at the office, then Yee Shiang drove us down to Sentosa where they did alot of configuration and troubleshooting. As we went for our lunch break, after being stuck at an area for 2 whole %*f*uck$#ing*d#?!@ hours, at Burger King. Just took my camera and snap some pictures. Sorry hor, no project managers picture. But they quite shuai la, just abit loud. If got chance then take and post here! =))

Taken at Siloso Beach that I went on Wednesday. Holding the bridge and each destinated points to test for connectivity, coverage and stuff. We were there in jeans, and the weather was so awfully freaking hot la! =(

Took on the way to Burger King. Is there such place? Or is it a new attraction? I myself ain't quite sure, can somebody enlighten me? =)

Guess which place in Sentosa has this "vintage" car? Well, the answer is easy.


This is the place where they have scary figures that look like its coming alive to get you interesting lifelike wax figures display that, if I am not wrong, shows the history of Singapore. =)

Ok la, nothing more to post le, unless I get to go Sentosa more often. Bowling next Saturday, confirm alot of my turns the ball will go long kang. =) Cheers y'all, take care.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

I hadn’t been updating lately. Possible reasons for such action would be firstly, I’m kinda lazy, and secondly, I’ve spend my entire Friday and Sunday night on maple. I’ve completed another 6 quests and gained 2 levels in just 2 nights. Partying with my cousin who has a level 50 character was easy. We can easily defeat strong enemies and also share kills and experience. Talk about achievements, this is one of it. =)

Work had been rather fine, considering the fact I’ve almost nothing to do almost everyday. Went on site to NUS on Thursday, Adrian looked like a feng shui master with a laptop on his palm and walking around each levels of the building. The reason he does it is that he has to check the connectivity in each labs of the building. We have to place the access point at a place, and move around the place to ensure it has full coverage. The connectivity is “measured” in dB. Rather confusing to me in some ways. =))

The haze had been a terror to me. The misty sky, like those I seen in Hong Kong and Genting, kinda make me stupidly expecting a cool breeze whenever I stepped out of the building but my expectation came otherwise. I would not have stepped out of the house to kill my lungs if not for the dharma lesson I had at night. To make things worse, I have people around me who have the cheeks to smoke at such horrid weather. I feel like I am gonna die any minute there. My poor poor lungs. X( Gee…the haze smelt like burnt something, and it got on my nerve…I found myself more irritable than usual, but luckily it has gotten better. =)

Moon Cake festival wasn’t a big or fun or exciting thing anymore. I guess we’ve really grown up. I don’t find it a wonderful thing carrying the lantern or playing with candles fun. Even the much anticipated lantern display at Chinese Garden wasn’t that nice, quite a disappointment actually. The display of lanterns was limited as compared to last year’s Disney or previous year’s Sanrio Hello Kitty. We didn’t get any free lanterns to carry, and the moon cake selling there had cockroach walking about. Eeks!

OH! Dad’s birthday was fun! Mum went to BreakTalk to get Mocha-whatever cake. Not bad, cute looking. It had a cup, which was made to look like coffee cup, at the top on the cake. It wasn’t too sweet, and the cream was more like mousse than whip cream. Something that I’ve always wanted to try but didn’t have the chance to. =((

My sis and I have decided that we are going to get the cinnamoroll cake from Polar for our birthday next year. It may seem childish, but hey, who doesn’t like Sanrio characters. =))

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sorry for the slow updates, I'm typing, thinking of what to write while humming and swaying to Shinhwa's "Throw My Fist"! :D

Work has been ok, most times, we really did nothing but read read and read~I went Sentosa last Friday. Met Adrian & Cheng Liang at Habourfront, but Adrian was late... 0.o waited for him to finish his breakfast. Yee Shiang drove us to Sentosa...but his car hor....abit lan la~ haha X) BUT at least got someone to drive us there, instead of having to take e troublesome shuttle bus...

We went on to do the configurations for switch and router. I did the switch since I was quite familiar with it. I spent last week doing the screen capturing for Adrian while Cheng Liang went out to site. Thus Cheng Liang did the router! :D

Nothing much has happened, I guess more updates will come when Sentosa job OFFICIALLY starts la~ til then, tata and take care, y'all


OOHH...before I forget!


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