Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Forbidden Scandals

Just when I thought I was going to give up on him, he just surprised me! (= He's coming back on Friday (like OMG!!). But I have to cancel all my dates as I have gotta do my AR case study 2 on Friday. )= Never mind, no pain no gain.

Cleared all my IS. NAPFA was a bitch, I think my already injured leg has just gotten worse! hopefully it will get better soon! Chinese New Year is just next week, so it better get better FAST!

Quite unbelievable. I've less than 3weeks to holiday. AND I AM GOING TO MISS SCHOOL SO MUCH! I WANT MY CAREFREE LIFE BACK~!!

AR Final Written - 4th Feb (zzz)
AR Practical II - 13th Feb (ZZZ)
WLT Exam - 15th Feb

There goes my CNY-supposed-to-be-a-happy-new-year! ))= I gotta go do my AR chapter test soon, but I am just too lazy. =x

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Monday, January 28, 2008

I am just too lazy and busy to update my blog. )= Suffering from a muscle ache at my left thigh as I've exerted myself too much last week. Thursday was spent doing spring-cleaning of my kitchen, Friday went down to the temple to help out with the CNY dinner celebration.

Completed WLT lab quite sometime ago, the test wasn't too difficult, but trying to get the lecturer's attention to mark our parts was indeed a challenge. Thankfully, managed to speed through the paper and got 100% (=

I got my motivations in and I have kinda completed my WISP reflection (yeah~!). Been suffering from writer's block and I found it quite tough to form words into sentences. )=

I am so not going to talk about the upcoming tests/exams so as not to demoralise myself even deeper. Tomorrow is the frigging NAFA Test, and my leg is still in pain. Sian

I am not going to talk to my boyfriend because he is an idiotic ass and I don't wish to elaborate further! ))=

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Series of misfortunes

We managed to chiong through our lab this morning. Which means no lesson for Thursday and Friday! ((:

Thanks to Steph, GC, Eugene for accompanying me down to Central to buy Eugene's really belated x'mas pressie! (: We had ice-cream from Pepper Lunch and it wasn't too bad..shall try the other flavors when I go there again. Now have to save money for Scandal's valentine pressie. (:

I just quarrelled with my boyfriend over the phone and I really have the urge to break up! Sigh~ many times I don't understand what you want from me. I mean I miss and love you but I really don't know how to express it to you. ): I don't know if it is our large age gap that is affecting our thinking. I was practically screaming to him on the phone..."Go to Hell" was what he said out of anger, and all I did was to reply it, "oh, when's ur appointment" which got him even more upset. ): I didn't mean to say that, it was practically a spurn of anger!! Oh god, I don't know how to talk to him...he said he would call me when I've calmed down but the thing now is that I don't know what to say to him. I guess I must have spoilt his mood for his next destination or whatsoever.

well...I'm sorry dear! ):

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Monday, January 14, 2008
Raspberry Dream

It's Monday yet again, spent my Sunday night spring cleaning my bedroom as it was an utter mess! Did the moping of the floor, wiping my TV rack, CD and rearranging my bed position with my momma.

Literally couldn't drag myself out of bed this morning, and had to take 985 to school and walked via Kismis to block 30. ROAR! The weather was so hot can, by the time I could cool down, lesson ended and found myself walking to Hawker to have lunch....thus making me hotter~! ROAR~ I think I really should always bring along an extra tee to school.

WLT Lab is next week! I am going to prepare the A4 notes to make sure I get every single shit down so that I will not get to confuse or worse still, FORGET! Going Central tomorrow to get Eugene's mochi and shall start saving again. Managed to save about $60 and am still struggling to make it to $100 FAST! I think I have to start adopting the use $2 a day "campaign". LOL

Belated New Year Resolutions:
1) Save $$ (I mean alot. LOL)
2) Not to procastinate
3) Rest early
4) Be less emotional
5) Spend more quality time with family
6) Get a good job!

This should be it unless I thought of more.

Note to self: Do AR chapter(4,5) test, and WLT lab notes!

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Sunday, January 13, 2008
What is Human?

Extracted from an interview, "nothing but a being of malice and misery" — their answer to the question "what is human?".

I don't think I'm gonna fare well for AR because I don't quite understand a number of things in the lab, lecture and chapter test. I'm not going to think too much of it for now, as my main concern in WLT (FINAL EXAM IS LIKE !@$^&*# 50%)!

Been thinking about somethings I've seen. Doesn't it just make you feel down if you felt like the target of hatred, frustration that one hinting towards......Back to more less emotional things, we've completed our WISP presentation, which was so darn nerve-wreaking, and had to tolerate certain really WEIRD Q&A session. The wallet thing really got the group mates pissed and downright confused. ROAR~!

AR lab was time consuming AND I REALISED I SEEM TO BE THE ONLY ONE NOT UNDERSTANDING LAB 2C!! Sigh~ I guess it is back to more practice on the calculation!

No matter what I guess the person I really get really emo-ed and upset when I talk to will always be that particular person of whom I got to know since freshman...sigh``

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I'm not emo afterall. Don't Know why, whenever I had a conversation with that person, it always make me emo, which explains my emo entry yesterday. No worries to all, the reason to my emo-ing time is because of that person. :S

Sorry Cas, didn't tell you the reason to my emo entry yesterday. LOL. I think I should lessen my talk to that person to not make me emo anymore la (especially when it is at night, it makes emo-ing worse). Bleah~!

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Monday, January 07, 2008

When you think back about your friends and "ex-friends". Sometimes you wonder why you are still friends with some, and not with others. More often, I feel a sense of lost when I realised everyone has changed. Distance that can be felt strongly, and when you realise that you are the being blamed for the cause of it. How does it make you feel?

I am not getting upset anymore as I see it as a part and parcel of life. I am counting down the days left I have in school. I'm going to miss alot of people upon our graduation.

Million thanks :
to Grace for the lovely present.
plus love, to my scandal for the lovely minnie necklace and beautiful card.
to Steph for the lovely piglet soft-toy.
to Pei Pei for the candies. (:

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008
Happy New Year 2008

It's finally 2008! Went down Bright Hill temple for the countdown and it was quite meaningful. Took the MRT home cuz we have just missed the last bus to Jurong East, and thankfully the train was not packed or anything. Thanks for the many well wishes from everyone who sms-ed me.

2007 was filled with many happy and sad memories. Happy stuff was HK disneyland, closer friendship with Casilda, Pei Pei, Eugene, Steph, ESPECIALLY my scandal. I only got to know her better through our UTM class (that's where it all happened and she became my scandal!). Many thanks to them for giving me such lovely memories for 2007, always mugging exams, lab tests together, complaining about unfair things and lunch-ing times! Loves to all of them for always being so lovely and wonderful~! Not going to talk about sad stuff cuz it ain't worth talking about it!

Not forgetting my secondary girlfriends (Siew Chin, Shu Xian, Yuan Ee) for always giving me their endless support. Always encouraging and being there for me whenever I feel horrible or sad! Sorry I didn't manage to date any of you these break, shall wait til the end of my exams, ya~! Take Care.

THE BEE! Yeah, although we always seem to be bickering about stupid things, I love you for always making me feel secure and happy! I'm not spending my new year with him cuz he's still overseas with his parents. :)

Happy New Year 2008!!



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