Tuesday, May 31, 2005
No More Monday Blues

today had quite a relaxing day la. cuz its mon. had sports and wellness briefing this morning. gotta have to pass this module or i may get dismissed

they offered alot of sports. i was interested in quite a few:
1) Archery
2) Tennis
3) Dancesport
4) Badminton

but then, we're given only 6 chice. cuz the teacher cant teach everyday mah. so we were left with:
1) Basketball
2) Tennis
3) Adventure Ropes
4) Soccer
5) Badminton
6) Aerobics

badminton,tennis, soccer were the hot choices, esp badminton. i wanted tennis, but when i was told of the fact that i had to purchase my own tennis racket. i gave up. too expensive. and left with not much choices, i chose adventure ropes. yippie. wish me luck.

amanda has been talking to my friend in private. using both the msn and my precious cell phone. hope my sms dun go over the limits this month. or else i'll get grounded and i dun want that. wahahahahahahahha.....i'm so happy, delighted, etc etc etc.

yuanee has started school liao. aww...it means i cant meet her often cuz we'll be busy with our own school work. and that suck! but never mind. missing them, esp shu xian. cuz i've not met her for so so long. haiz.....

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

13.05.05 me and yuanee again
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me and yuanee. taken on the day we went to take o level certificate! *smiles*
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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
First Day Of School!!

Yippie. school term start! yeah! i met new frenz and honestly, there's so many unity students. i met li ting. she's from unity, multimedia club..its like so diaoz...cuz honestly, i've never met her. not even once. such coincidence. we're classmates...double yeah!

went to cathay cineleisure to see the star wars m&ms mascot. kawaii!!!!! and so cool!

mandy got pregnant. bad news. got dumped. attempt suicide.boo!

end of message. gotta reply yuanee's email

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Thursday, May 19, 2005
School Term

yeah...went for orientation day..thingy..it was quite ok...i was crazy...sign up for like bout 4 cca

1) Buddhist Society
2) French Club
3) Club Alliance
4) YouthDNA

but then, there's one little catch here. cuz its all relaxing cca...i'm so not into sports and stuff..cuz i'm too lazy! boo! meet jamie...my dearest queen of khiam pa..awww...i miss her so much...

took neoprint with yuanee...had lotsa fun..but too long never take liao....rusty

ooo..heard that kylie is diagnosed with breast cancer..all the best in your treatment...and may you recover soon! awww...cant go to her world tour now but i think she had made a wise decision to not delay the treatment. and since its early stages...the chances of overcoming the disease is higher. all the best!!!

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