Monday, February 28, 2011

Recently, so many people around me are getting married! I don't know why, but the idea of getting married scares me loads! Maybe because you're gonna spend the next part of your life with another person in a different environment. Making decisons should be done after alot of consideration for the other party. So marriage is like going on a rollercoaster in a haunted house. HAHA! :P this is like so negative!

OK! I am in love with minoHD camera..I really want a small and light video camera that I can bring around with me all the time and at least try to film! I don't like my cellphone camera cuz it really isn't very good! ): Should I really save up to get that?

Will be on leave this Thursday and Friday! :D

I wanna sleep~

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Saturday, February 26, 2011
I want this for my Birthday!!!!

I want this!!!!!!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011
It's just a craze that will slowly fade away

It's hard knowing that now we are not as before. Yesterday you called but I wasn't available to pick up the call. And when I saw it was you, I had to resist the temptation to call back. I really want to hear your voice but I really want to let it go! It's the best for 2 of us but what really is good? The future will always remain a mystery but I know that as long as we have ever been in love, it's all that matters. I know that somewhere deep within, you'd always be irreplacable.

Yesterday we have a mini family discussion. I just feel that from today onwards, we really should live for ourselves. I think being so trusting and devoted to them only left us in pain and shattered in pieces. I know it's a test! but why keep testing us? There's a limit to our tolerance and faith. I'm sorry to say that all this things just add on to my hatred for this religion. I'm sorry but that's what I feel!

I feel terrible
I feel pain
I feel betrayed
I feel hurt
I feel unappreciated
I feel used
I feel the tears in my eyes
I feel the lost
but no matter what I feel
I know it's gonna make me stronger
I know it's gonna make me learn
I know I'm gonna be happy
whether you like me or not!

Going for my written assessment later and hopefully change is on it's way. Really tired and I really got this urge to get back to the books.

Wish me luck


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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am blessed with so many good friends around me, most significantly...

1) my cousin!
2) Yuan Ee
3) Shirley 'Doo Doo' Loo

I love y'all~!!

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I was really disappointed! I really don't understand why people can resort to backstabbing others out of pure jealousy?! This is total nonsense. And all those so called learn buddhism for so many the end? You learn NOTHING! You're still so petty, jealous and trouble-makers. ):

Whatever you do or snatch to do is purely out of your greed for merit and to get on his good books. Really?! I heard from my cousin that when they do good deeds, it's not because they want to go to Heaven, or for any motives, its OUT OF PURE LOVE they have for God (Jesus, Almighty Father). They do this for their love for Jesus that they recognise that he died for our sins. Why can't we learn it this way..why must everything be done because I want merit merit merit?? This is bullcrap, please. I don't be filial to my parents for the motive of gaining high merits. I AM filial to my parents because they love me and took care of me.

When people start doing good things because of gaining merit...aren't we all doing transactions? I do this to gain that. I won't do this if I'm not gaining that. Must it really be so selfish?!! Do we only do things that benefit us? I don't know, but I really feel very disappointed in everything that I know. I'm losing faith in everything I once believed in.

Sometimes people tell me they are really amazed that even though I'm young, but I am already have strong faith in my religion. BUT looking back and reflect, I really don't know what am I supposed to do. Don't all religion teach us to do good and avoid bad. Why do we call ourselves religious people when we are turning against each other and stirring up trouble. Life is nothing but a journey of an actor. We all play a role, but does it have to include betrayal, jealousy?

How many people do you still wanna hurt in order to gain this merit? Is it really worth it? So what if you do this can help you gain merit, while in the process you selfishly harm others. I think this really affected me a bit as I really started crying a little last night!

Who are these so-called hypocrites? Aren't we all brothers and sisters living on Mother Earth. When will we learn to co-exist and love unconditionally? Do we really have to wait til the person's death then we realised that we have not treasure this person's existence and start to regret our actions?

I think my posters know I'm in a bad mood and they started falling off.


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Monday, February 21, 2011
Is it really so difficult? Part II

Ok. Back to part II of this

Yes. We spoke! Have you ever experience those times when you wanna tell this person something but end up you are dumbfounded and nothing comes up well? This happened that day which is not good!! We really spoke for a long time, thinking of where we should go from this r/s and how it should end! Sometimes when you know somethings gonna end, then you start to cherish it and wish it didn't. Really complicated and self-contradicting. It was THE longest good bye kiss and I didn't want it to end! Sadly, it really should but maybe one day, when we decide that we are really ready...then who knows, right?!

Went "book-hunting" at MPH just now. (Sorry, I knew just minutes ago I was saying that I am not going to wish for books in my wishlist, right). There a 2 things that I really want and that is the "Mini Shopaholic" (White Cover ver) and the whole Shopaholic series!!

And I really want the Last Song & Dear John DVD! (: I will be sourcing them online to get these 2!

I know I love you but loving mean doesn't mean I have to have you. Loving you means feeling content and happy knowing that you have found happiness with someone you truly love! (:

Will do a book and Twilight Collection Video soon!!

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Is it really so difficult? Part I

Is it really so difficult?!! If 2 people want to be together..why can't they just be? Does it really have to be so difficult?

Attempted to change to a new blogskin, but failed!! I want something light-hearted and soft! Like pink, violet, black...not black! (: I want it to be lighter tone as I have been having too many dark backgrounds for my blog since I-don't-know-when. (: Need a brighter perspective too!

I think for this year's wishlists, I don't wanna include any books! I just packed my room yesterday and I have NO space for books ): Either get a new bookshelf or no new books!! )): Sigh~!!!

Met my cousin for dinner on Saturday evening. We were supposed to meet in the afternoon, but because she had work commitments and I was too tired to wake up. Postponed it to later in the evening and we went Liang Court (As Kino had 20%) and I wanted to see if there were any magazines I wanted. I didn't get any though...just walked around but I got 3 trays..1 big pink tray to store all the nail polishes and 2 small but long trays to segregate all my foundations, hair accessories, facial masks..and it was really handy! At least the drawers look neater! (:

I will blog more when I'm back from lunch. so this is part I

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Thursday, February 17, 2011
Random post

Ok. Random posting this from my sister's iPod touch. Something happen today and I really hope this person will make up the
Mind and hope that it won't end in regret

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Things that I wish to recieve for birthday/xmas/anniversaries

Canon Ixus 130 ( I want either the pink/orange)

Pink DS LiteSony DSC-T99

Princess by Vera Wang

Daisy by Marc Jacob
Juicy Couture

Anna Sui (From left) Forbidden Affair, Rock Me!, Rock Me! Summer of Love

This are what is on my wishlist for now~

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Monday, February 14, 2011
It's Complicated

So now,

A likes B, but B likes C, but C already got D and A got E. How?

When questioned about relationship status, you can just reply, "It's Complicated"

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V Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!! :D

with love, peace and chicken grease

PS: I'm still sick, will blog more when I get better!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011
Nail Polish Haul

I M SICK! Sigh! Trying to breathe here, running nose has just become blocked nose! (Double Sigh). OK, never mind, I will not drag on about my sickness and talk about other things.

Nail Polishes!!!

I stumbled upon this website that sells OPI nail polishes at affordable prices! ($12++ per bottle) and I think it's so much cheaper than what the outside markets are offering. :) They also have like a customer guarantee that their products are authentic and they were published on newspaper too! (:

Here's what I got from them

- Teenage Dream
this is from the Katy Perry collection. Saw them on OPI website and went to this site that VT showed me last time to see the colors. It is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I like the pink sparkly colors it has that really shines like a teenage dream. As the colors are quite sheer, you can apply it onto light colors, eg pink, to bring out its sparkles!

- Lincoln Park After Dark
I saw this when I was watching youtube videos. It is a purple plum color that is really deep and Gothic. I like that it brings out a vampish vibes. From the bottle, it looks deceiving and may be mistaken as black. I really adore this color, but still is my personal perspective. So unless you are really adventurous and like dark colors, don't attempt to get this.

- Got a date to Knight
Sweet pink to match a princess getting ready for her date! (: OPI has such cutie names for their nail polishes. This was chosen by my sister and she really love the pinkiness! I think it's a really girly color and it is absolutely gorgeous when used together with Teenage Dream!!

- Sweet Heart
I got to know of this color, also from youtube video. I thought this color is really pretty and can be used for french manicure. It's really sheer and the color will show after 2 or 3 coats. I really am bad at describing this color but I will post with photos after I tried it! (:

- Do You Lilac It
I love this and have been eying this for really a long time! It's lilac purple. Very sheer color, so you'd need to apply at least 2 to 3 coats of it. It's a really girly color, but not to the extreme.

I will try my best to remember to take photos of it and post it up so that you can understand how the colors look like!

Am already still aiming for a few more colors to get!

Til then, go check out their online shop to get more good deals!

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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I don't wanna keep staring at my phone and thinking when you're gonna call
I don't wanna keep telling myself that everything will be wonderful now
I don't wanna face the fact that we ain't like we were long ago
I don't wanna pretend that we're doing great
I don't wanna have to second guess your excuses for me
I don't wanna know what you are doing behind me
I don't wanna have to keep hoping that we could turn back time
I don't wanna let this go
I don't wanna pretend to smile when I'm dying inside

I just wanna hear you say you love me and mean it

Is it really so darn difficult?

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Monday, February 07, 2011

My Dad
is someone who works hard to pay for my school fees, my allowance and my everything

My Mum
is someone who cares and took a lot of time and effort to nurture me

My Sister
is someone that I can share my everything with

My Brother
is someone that I can get advice from

My Cousin
is someone who is always there for me and lend a listening ear

My Boyfriend
is someone who will take care of me and one day I will change my surname to his

My Colleague
is someone who makes going to more fun and enjoyable

My Enemy
is someone who makes me realise the evil side of everyone

My Rival
is someone that pushes me to the limit and make me motivated to strive for excellence

My Teacher
is someone who gives me many life lessons and broadens my knowledge

My Friend
is someone I met in my journey of life

My Buddy
is someone who knows me better and makes an effort to make the friendship last

is someone who understands me well, and makes my journey of life worthwhile

My Values
is what keeps me grounded

My Dreams
is something that keeps me inspired

My Goals
is something that makes my 365 days more meaningful

My Life
is something worth reminiscing when I grow old.

What is yours?

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This entire post will be dedicated to you

Dear BFF

I wish you know how I really feel right now. It makes me sad to see you sad. I don't understand why J chooses them over you, maybe to her this friendship is insignificant? Maybe she just can't resist peer pressure? I think you really should talk to her about how you feel. Keeping silent is not ok! It doesn't make things better and you won't feel happy!!

Just hope you don't get affected by all these things ya!! Continue to stay strong and I hope to see you really really soon! :) Hwaiting for your studies and have a great great time in Swiss!!! Go out shopping and sightseeing more so that you won't stay at your room and allow your overactive imagination run wild!!! :P

So sorry that I can't always be online to speak to you! ): Just drop me a FB msg or tweet and I'd get back to you ASAP k!!!

Take care of yourselves k!!

I miss you loads here!!!

Love you <3

your BFF

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Wednesday, February 02, 2011
Did I make you blind??

Shirley Loo say I make her blind with black background, white color wordings and small fonts and look like little children's blog


I got 1 thing to say la woman...My blog or your blog??!!! LOL

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Eve of Chinese New Year

I think I will have quite a few spelling mistakes that I will need to keep retyping over and over again. My contact lenses sucks like hell because it doesn't have astigmatism. So it is a little blurry for me. I have green eyes now and it looks strange. LYY say I look like a vampire. (Not those Edward Cullen kind ]:) Really? I think it's a strange color that is quite bright. Had my shades on today! Totally awesome~!!! Seldom get the chance to wear shades.

On half day today as it's the eve of CNY. Totally not in working mood and wanna go home! Thankfully Dad's coming over to fetch us home!! <3 I wanna go home and sleep!! So bored cause I didn't bring my IPOD today! Left it on the table when I was transferring songs over yesterday.

BAH!!! I'm losing focus on my eyes. Focus Eyes!! FOCUS!!!

Ok, that's better. Strangely, my vision is clear when I am looking far out...WTH? Anyways, I wanna go home and do some last minute packing. Too bad I don't have time to go meet my cousin to get the nail polishes. ):

Gonna wake up early tomorrow as we are all going over early to Malaysia for dana at auntie's house..Have to sleep early tonight, and have only been sleeping at 1am lately!! Super duper dead tired!! BOO!! How to shou ye tonight?!

15mins and I'm out!!! I remembered I wanted to blog about something and it just slipped through my mind. STM!!! shucks~ I will update once I remember...hopefully.


bye bye tiger!!

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I think I will find sometime to go do an update of my Ayumi collection.. Do I really need a Twilight updated collection?? Is there a need?? HAHA. Maybe I should just do like a video thing to show. I am super lazy to take photos and post it here one by one!

It's gonna be the eve of CNY tomorrow!!! Are you excited??!! I don't know!

TTC is trying his best to find Shirley's blog and failing like crazy!!! HAHA!!! So fun to see him typing into an ocean of information. >.< oopx. Sorry neighbour!!!

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