Thursday, June 30, 2005
Aviva Badminton Open

Good news: Ronald Susilo won the match

Bad News: Boonsak Ponsana Lost!!!

boo! so no more semi/quarter finals to watch cuz no boonsak!!

met the guy i saw awfully familiar but i didnt dare to talk to him. sigh..too bad. blame my cowardly inner self. too bad..i dun think i'll get to know him any sooner. i have to master my courage to talk to him..i guess.

cheers, wish me luck. give me strength.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
The Meaning of Life? - Drugs, Woman, Money -

went to aviva badminton and saw this *points to next paragraph*

World Ranking: No 10 Ponsana Boonsak (THA) 4th placing at Olympics.

woo hoo~ what is the meaning of life? drugs? money? women? hmm...come on people, enlighten me. what do u think? shucks..gee..what is life to you? life are choices that we make, i guess. we create or destroy our future. bah!!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Life Still has to go on~

i realise lately that i hadnt been truly happy. i am just acting as though i'm really enjoying myself, but then..i'm not. i dun want my friends to worry for me. i think i shouldnt whine about every single shit that i'm going through to them. its not fair to them. and they'll get really sick of my whining too as time goes by.

i'm feeling so numb, hadnt had this feeling for quite a while. after her death, i've become quite cold, although at times i do shed a tear or two, this isnt me, i dun cry, i cant cry, i realise that i dunno how to cry. everything's so bitter inside and i dun like it.

people around me, close to me, did see a change in me. like what my teacher told me, i used to be enegetic, powerful, and vocal. i never smile, even if i do, its fake! unreal, my smile isnt genuine. i want my happiness, innocence back. the days whereby my heart is filled with emotions. i want my smile to be real, radiant..

and most importantly, i want myself back!

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Saturday, June 25, 2005
Thank Goodness Its Friday

woohoo~finally, another week is over. yahoo!! damn, i hadnt recieve the tickets to bill gates live and i do hope san san is coming along'd be boring travelling all the from ngee ann to suntec city all alone. i called to enquire the tickets. i was cursing under my breath. and i think e person could somehow hear it hmmm.......

my sister's birthday today. what to say~ will add a long entry tomorrow i hope

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Friday, June 24, 2005
hmm...what am i thinking?

there's this particular guy whom i kept bumping into. he seem awfully familiar but i cant seem to figure out where i've seen him. damn.

and yes...i hope to know him, cuz i know i've seen him somewhere, its just that i cant seem to figure it out where. and the information is hidden deep within my big juicy brain. and i really feel like getting to know him. hmm.....let me think.

and yes, i wanna go home. i'm so tired now and i'm feeling so sleepy. wanna go home soon. life has been rather hectic for me but i still can cope. and i'm glad that i chose to go against my wishes of joining the NP ambassador. yippie yah yah....

~sarang hae yo~

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Thursday, June 23, 2005
Happy Birthday to me

yes, finally, its my birthday. and had a nice time. went to yew tee to get the birthday cake, went to school with liting, the cake cost $28 which was shared among our classmates. tiring day for me but i'm glad, cuz i've recieved alot of well wishes from all my friends, thanks for not forgetting my birthday.

unforgettable day, celebrated it with my class!! u guys rawk my world~ kisses and huggies!!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
my birthday coming soon~

counting down to the number of days to my birthday: 1 day.

today is ian's birthday, and also prince william's birthday...yeah~ and tomorrow its finally my 17th birthday. happy birthday to myself, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me.

recieve a confirmation letter to the bill gates live. and so yes..i have a reservation..yippie?! yes.. i am excited la.

chat with yuanee. but she didnt want to go bill gates live so....never mind. i can go with san san. dun tink i want to attend french club today, i am more interested in the movies viewing. i prefer watching movie to attending french lesson.

hope to take neoprint with yuanee soon. but not so soon. cuz the both of us are very busy, so no time to meet. too bad...i miss her, hadnt really seen her since the time we went to collect our o level certificate~

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

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ayumi hamasaki
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Monday, June 20, 2005
life! duh!

friends come and go. but there are some that left a deep impression within us. she'll always be missed, in bout a month's time, it'll be her death anniversary. she has been missed dearly and she'll always be an impression left within my mind, my heart. passione will never be complete without her. rest in peace, and i hope you are in a better place that doesnt allow you to undergo the sufferings you endured here. i hope that no matter where you are. you'll always be happy. miss your voice and laughter. after your death, it's then i realise that i hadnt been a good friend to you. i had so many things i wanted to let you know but its all to late.

lesson learn: treasure everyone and everything you have now. live life to the fullest and with no regret. friends come and go, and there are some who choose to leave an impression and make a difference in our life. so we've gotta treasure them and not do stupid things to upset or disappoint them.

lastly, yuanee & shuxian! i miss you guys alot. you mean everything to me. you're always there for me. making a difference in my life, bringing so much joy,fun and happiness into my dull life. you're there for me no matter what happens and never fail to encourage me when i feel like a failure. i love you guys and i treasure this friendship alot alot and alot!! yeah~ you guys totally rawk!! *kisses and huggies*

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

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cas & cia-
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class E1! current class
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Friday, June 17, 2005
love- hate realtionship! boo

having 4 hours break. sign up for the Bill Gates Live without realising of the fact that it is on a friday, a school day. kaoz! but i still wanna attend the talk..but on the other hand, i dun wanna miss school. haiz..choices to make.

haha...yeah...trying to get over him... Couples like the feeling of being in love...but then at times Burning Heart it hurts..and that sucks totally.

Big Brother Famous 8

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Famous 10 Famous 9 Famous 12 Famous 14

American Idol

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Thursday, June 16, 2005
duh! i hate and love you

yes. i feel like a complete idiot. i believe everything he said. damn, i am so naive. boo! i waited for him for 4 damn bloody freaking hours. i could have done so many things within that time frame. but no..i chose to wait for him. i am one bloody naive idiot. Blings
Too Funny i feel like doing this now. crying out loud....its a love-hate relationship....liar...u wanted everything, then you back out..what am i to you?? arg..i shouldnt be bothered. i mustnt. i hate you. i hate you. i hate you..oh man..i love you.

enlighten me~

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i am not conceited, i'm juz damn bloody good

ya...its been a month since i enter np..and yes, for your information, i love np alot. and i love my class p1e1 alot. although our class isnt as united as other classes. we're still so cool, esp the "gay-ish" guys in my guys rawkzz big time man.

did 2 online tests for both OS & IN respectively, maths quiz. and preparing for another maths quiz next week. yup, but dun worry, i am so prepared..its just that i tend to get rather careless in i lose alot of marks here and there. pulling down my precious precious grades..damn! but whatever...i'll buck up and not make those stupid -god forbide- careless mistakes.

hadnt met up with yuan ee or shuxian lately. busy with school, cca and alot of personal stuff. i'll be happy cuz i dun wanna to act happy. its tiring, i wanna live for myself for once. i dun wanna care if others are bothered by my happiness. cuz its my damn business if i'm happy anot.

Life is really a wonder. Well, let’s call it a miracle. What is the meaning of life? There must be a reason why we are born to this world. And why we are born to certain families. Why do some people live in extreme luxury? While other people are on the verge of starving to death? This will always be an unanswered question. Because we do not know the reason as to why we are born. The meaning of life is too complicated. If every life born to this world does serve a purpose. What is your purpose here?

have you asked yourself? what is your purpose being alive. someone asked me this question..and honestly, i didnt know how to answer, i never thought bout it. let's just say that i take my given precious life for granted. maybe i should give it a thought one find my meaning of life. hah... birthday is coming soon! counting down to my birthday: 7 days

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
is it me? or am i juz good?

i realises that i hadnt been blogging lately. busy with school, so sianz...and cca. love my cca! meet new frenz there. had lotsa fun, but unfortunately, i'm sick. boo! that sucks totally, i dun like the idea of falling sick. never~ its a taboo. i mustnt fall sick again...ever again. bla bla bla

missing yuanee..hadnt met her for quite a while, cuz sp has started school too. so we cant really meet as and when we want to lorz....haiz..never mind~ loving him lotsa, cant meet him tonight, cuz i'm not attending cca. so hope that we can meet on friday, or maybe next wednesday. no matter what, i still miss him alot. why cant he just call me? hmmm...guess he must be really busy.

not going to have june holiday. sucks! so used to having june holiday when i'm still in sec school. but its different. too bad my school start late this year. but it'd be ok next year...hmmmm....hope so~

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