Saturday, December 31, 2005

1 more day to 2006. i need to make some new year resolution too.

[1] Dont procrastinate. get things done as soon as possible
[2] Talk to Jimmy when i get to see him...
[3] Be a better friend, girlfriend, daughter, sister
[4] Study harder, not slack

for now this is the things to be completed. ganbatte! (^_^)/

happy 2006 (in advance)

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Friday, December 30, 2005

Cas` + Ciaa`
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My Current DeskTop Theme!! Nice ma?
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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
A Song is born

My christmas this year was just ok. nothing much to celebrate about, and i dunno about the significance of it, so can some kind soul out there enlighten me about Christmas?

doing practically nothing, but EPS! that fucking board just refuse to give me 100% routed. fuck up, i nearly vomit blood and i was silently screaming fuck. oh ya, i watched "the incredibles" on vcd too. so many movies, so little time.

hope everyone had a wonderful christmas this year. (^_^)/

no christmas gift for me this year! *sob sob* no jimmy! no nothing...hur hur hur...


let's just hope 2006 will be a better year. and i pray there wont be any more natural disasters, terrorism etc etc etc.


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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Casilda, Firdaus, Cia-
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This is what you get if you ask me a stupid qns!
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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

i finally know what i want for X'mas. JIMMY!! wrap him up and send him to me via DHL or anything. lol. OTS duah us today. make me waste my time going to school. anyway, i have ranked my IS module.

its great to have good friends around you when you pass your days. i love my casilda meimei and firduas kor kor. they are the most wonderful people. and i love you both so much! it means so much to me to have great! friends like you two! \(^_^)/

nothing much happen this few days, well..anyway, i am not willing to share it to anyone except the two of them la. yea man....adam is visiting soon, sammy and amanda is also coming back soon. i miss you guys loads..its been too long! way to long.

enjoy your break people. cas & fir, i'd miss you guys so much!

counting the number of days to X'mas : 5
counting the number of days to 2006 : 12


its all about you

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Monday, December 19, 2005

well people....its SPRING CLEANING day! and my room is cleaner. and you all should be happy for me, ok? (^_^)/ i have a load of wishlist i want for christmas

1. Marilyn Mason - Lest We Forget
2. Fort Minor album
3. Eminem - Curtain Call
4. Panasonic VS2 / VS6
5. Ayumi Hamasaki - (miss) understood

for now, this is the stuff that i want. and if anyone has bought Fort Minor's album, lend me ok? i heard the album so cool. yea man.

i am missing someone already. i dont know if his semesters has ended or not. not much contact with him lately, cuz he must be busy. kinda lost communication with each other for a while. so i kinda miss the days we had last time.

2 weeks break, and i still gotta do the IS module ranking. casilda. bring laptop tomorrow, ok? then we can do the ranking thing tomorrow, with hao ge ge too. \(^_^)/ and hopefully can get into the same class! yea man....

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

yea man. today is a good day to start off. but then, it was raining, and i was wearing a long pants. boo! why does it have to rain when i am in long pants. irritating. it rained again when i was walking home. it was too heavy, however, it only rain like 10 or 15 mins. even more irritating.

had both oop and eg2 test today. well...let's just say eg2 test was much better than the previous quiz. and passing oop was sheer luck. i did alot of trial and error to get to the results which i was supposed to get. and apparantly, it made me pass. i guess i was just a lil too lucky.

btw, i saw jimmy yesterday. he was with a friend, and yea..i admit, i was to embarrass to approach him la. not my fault, i am afraid of rejections. and i dont like rejections. hur hur hur. FIRDAUS!! invite him to the soccer match! at least there is a reason for me to go and....ermm.. *hint* cheer for you right? lol. (^_^)/

2 weeks breaks will commence next week. woo-hoo...relax..but then, i have to pia my AEL and EG2 sia. dont really understand AEL,but hey, at least i try my freaking best to pay my utmost attention...well... ok.. at least a lil attention..

yea man. casilda, good luck and jia you for next mon's test k? (^_^)/

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Sunday, December 11, 2005
still alone

1967 - 2005

no more " I lie, I cheat, I steal".
no more "latino heat"

A Tribute to late Eddie Guerrero

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Friday, December 09, 2005

no sign of him today. never mind. no worries or whatsoever. everything is fated, i supposed. had an enjoyable day today. at times, having a public journal isnt a very good thing. you cannot really complain about the things and people around you, so as not to offend them. boo!

thanks to ms suzanne, i've made a drastic improvement in my report. it is getting better and better, and i am satisfied with most of it. but there are still areas that have room for improvement. so, i'd try my best to get a good grade for that. i know i can fare well, when it comes to writing. in a way, i can pen my thoughts easily.

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

i've kinda neglected my postings. its not my fault, its just that firstly, i am busy with my school work, and secondly, i dunno what to talk about lately. dreads, i still have 1000+ words in my report and the limit is 750+. i am going to fail...oh dear~

nvm. i am ELATED! the guy that i want to get to know is not only firdaus's fren, but oso hao ge ge's fren...yeah~ (^.^)/ and his name is Jimmy! and ya..i love Jimmy now. i am simply obsessed with Jimmy. hope we can go to canteen 1 tomorrow.

met up with my dearest cousin on friday. wanted to watch Harry Potter, but the theatre was almost full the end, we watched Chicken Little!! the fish was so cute! its totally hilarious. then..well..neoprints usual..

my favourite of the few..i dunno why. maybe we look nice?

superstars! least we look good right? so i am not complaining...

the cutesy reindeer pic. well..though it isnt like nice, but as least its quite cute la.

after the movie, we dine at sakae sushi again, and we got the same spot. coincidence? i guess so. then we walk around, chat alot. and walked to National Library, and Raffles City. i went home only at about 9.. (^.^)/ tired, but it was fun!

casilda...we go take neoprint with fifi kor after common test. then we'd be one happy family! ok? it'd be loads of fun. and can bring kor kor to KFC! (^.^)/

i guess i should be doing my school work and stuff.

ttfn. maybe i'll blog more when i get to know him for now...wish me luck! (^.^)/

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Friday, December 02, 2005

completed alot of my tutorials and task fow now. least i dont feel so stress.

- EPS2
- IAC project
- ComT report
- OOP e tutorial

at least i dont have much things to do. just do some editing and do my second draft. just checked out ayumi hamasaki's offical website. her new album will be released soon. lessons til 3. and hopefully can meet up with my teacher to do the review. and give hao ge ge tuition.

starting to get use to all the lectures. at least most things are going in already. and i am not so blur as i was in semester 1. oop lab test on the 13th december. damn! there goes my december holiday. its like crap. imagine, everyone is having holidays while you're dragging yourself out of bed and dreading as you walk to school. fuck!


happy anot? casilda. i updated! UPDATED!! dont bug me to update la. nothing to write liao! :D

lastly, i just realise that promises made were meant to be broken! fuck you, and i do mean that.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

its not the same anymore. i find that i have lost a friend of whom i can confide to. i guess wrong decision results in disaster. its so different. i dont know how i should initiate the talking, the everything. in confusion. dilemma

maybe that's how complicated between relationship, friendship and even kinship. once something is done, no matter good or bad, it can never be undone. maybe relationship do break down like that. i rather not pay too much attention to that. relationship, bgr isnt my priority.

going to pia my report soon. met ms suzanne early before. told her i was in rather deep shit. i may produce a rather shitty report. but then i do remember the essay she showed us. the quote still rings in my mind "take it bird by bird, buddy, bird by bird" something like that.

dharma talk was very interesting and appealing to me. its more open and i can relate to the instructor easily. great!


i hope all would be fine soon.... the same like before....

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

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