Wednesday, February 19, 2014
It will always be the same

Updates on my condition, went back to SGH on 10 Feb to make the appointment for my surgery (fix the deviated nose bone and remove the adenoid). Attended by yet another doctor who told us that the surgeon gave us a "silly thing" to do that when I should be removing my tonsils and adenoid instead - which to it was a "better solution and option to me". Decided to not book the appointment, called my god-ma and she recommended me to go see Dr Thomas Sim for a 2nd opinion.

Took urgent leave on 11 Feb to go see Dr Sim. He told me that my tonsils are naturally large, but there may not be a necessity to remove it unless it is giving me tonsillitis. I was referred to Paragon to do a CT Scan. The scan would allow the doctor to review my condition more accurately.

Went back yet again to Dr Sim on 13 Feb as my CT scan report was ready. I had pan-sinusitis. Need to wash out the mucus in my face and remove my adenoid. Dr Sim was nice enough to refer me to see Dr Siow @ TTSH and my appointment with Dr Siow would be on 25 Feb.

Hope for the best for now. Thankful that I went for the 2nd opinion and not just allow myself to undergo unnecessary surgery.

Still, through all these episodes, it makes me realise the people who really care, and I should treasure.

:) #grateful

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