Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I decided to do a little ranting here

I always think I am somewhat a good friend. I always listen to people ranting to me because I believe that they rant to me is that they trust me. But why isn't it the same the other way round

When it is my turn to rant, I am told that I am irritating, they are sick and tired of hearing the same thing.

When you rant to me about your stuff, have I ever say the same thing back?? NO. I listen, because i know letting it out is better than keeping it in

i dunno who to trust sometimes. i share secrets with my cousin, she tells me mom, my friends think i am irritating for ranting. sometimes i just wanna ignore everyone

i am sorry i decided to share my sadness with you. i guess not everyone treats you the way you treat them. shouldnt be too devoted over it but i feel very defeated.

i will keep my mouth shut.

i have decided i am not going to have any birthday meetup

hydefied - @ 08:36