Friday, July 15, 2011
Best gift of 2011

This entry will be about the best stuff I received either from family, family, colleagues..

10) Chocolate Camera
I got this from a special friend! It's a really cute's like really a small chocolate bar size and it takes photos and stores in it's internal memory, but then gotta remember not to OFF it or else all your beloved photos will be wiped out! -.- and it can't be retrieved back

9) Bouquet of flowers + Dinner Treat
Had the best birthday dinner with Shirley, Eddy, Madeline & Vicki!!! Really a surprise and so happy to see all of them!!! This is really the first time I celebrate my birthday on my actual day with my friends!

8) IPOD Dock
A gift from my brother! Have been eying this little baby since I got my IPod but am just too giam to get it la! it's expensive ok!! haha, but my brother got it for me for my birthday this year! Happyness!!

7) Guess Bag + Wallet
Something from momma & sis! <3 It's big, stores alot of my barang and awesome!

6) Had the most wishes from SMS, Twitter & FB! I'm so blessed with so many awesome friends who took time to drop their wishes!!

5) This is not a gift from any friends but from Starhub. I got a Olympus digital camera after signing on to my cable and max online!!

4) BFF's return from Swiss
I miss you gal and I am so glad to have met you for dinner!!!! I love the Swiss knife you got for me!

3) Scrapbook with all the good wishes from everyone as a farewell present
nuff' said! I felt overwhelmed looking at it! I really miss everyone there!

2) 3DS
Farewell present no 2! It was totally unexpected. Something that I have been wanting since 2008 and also 2 awesome games from LXL! Really touched that this gal really spend so much time, effort, and money to do all this.

1) Hands ever
IPHONE 4! Best gift ever! I'm dependent on it like CRAZY! Coolest thing EVER
Thank mummy for the awesome birthday gift!

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