Sunday, June 22, 2014
Happy Birthday



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Friday, June 13, 2014

Blocked numerous people from Facebook, Instagram. Not sure why I wanna do that but then it's not a bad thing. Need to come to terms with things and let it go.

Yesterday marks the 1 year of me leaving my old company. Don't know if it's a good or bad thing. Meeting people whom I thought could be good friends, but nah...

I am still thinking what I wanna do on my birthday.

I just wanna go to sleep. :S

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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Had the weirdest dream last night.

I dreamt that my brother, sister and I had to make a run to Paris to do something big, like save the World or some shit.

Then I remember I got into a fight with somebody and I bravely raised my voice and told sombody I hate him/her and refused to be his/her friend. It was a damn awkward conversation and it silenced both of us and somehow we became friends again (WTF?)

Then it was our escape to Paris and I remember the whole gang of somebodies also came also. I was more like WTF are you doing here??! Dammit dream, you are so complicated. Then I only recalled my brother ran off to some casino like place, leaving my sister and I to fend for ourselves. Then I kinda woke up.

Like wtf pls. How the fuck can I actually dream of those somebodies! Damn you brain :S

I had like a crazy week and tiring! So many things happen, there is happiness and sadness!

I finally met bestie for her birthday celebration! Actually weeks before her celebration I'm already like I wanna do something special. Wanted to plan like an outing but there was no where to go. And whatever place I suggested, she doesn't wanna go (seriously woman!).

I kinda had in mind what I wanna get for her. Thanks to her very "helpful" short list. I had to make her talk about what she wanna buy without making her suspicious. So these were the intial plans I had in mind to get for her

1) iTunes gift card (this was an easy one! since she loves her coughsotomecoughs games
2) Makeup Forever HD Powder (This was something she randomly said when we went Sephora and she was saying she was interested in. I was like ok check this off my mental wishlist for her)
3) Laneige BB Pore cushion (this was quite unexpected, cuz we went to the Laneige counter and she was like she wanted to get this. Asked her to get the refill online and she was raving how the packaging is blue and she wants the cover too! so it's good news for me)
4) Eyeshadows (this was already what I wanted to get but just didn't know what to get and then we went Watsons and she nicely pointed out all the colors she intends to get)
5) Clarisonic
6) Sephora vouchers
7) Cupcakes

ok, the cupcake story. I remember in our conversation, she was saying like how she wanted to have cupcakes. So my inital thought was I am going to get 12 cupcakes for her. However, sadly our inital date to meet on 24/05/2014 had to be postponed because I had to accompany my mother to run some errands! And dammmit, her friends surprised her with 12 cupcakes when they celebrated with her on Sunday (25/05/2014).

So I was like no no no no! I need to get another surprise so I started to do my research on Wednesday (28/05/2014) and managed to find Oni Cupcakes that was located in Chinatown, because the other stores are either at ulu industrial area or Tampines (FML). Me and my competitiveness..seriously!!

Then comes the next headache! The ladies at Oni Cupcakes were very nice to tell me that my cupcakes will not survive the harsh hot weather, meaning I will need to rush down Chinatown, then cab back to her place then we go to Liang Court again! Then I had to tell bestie that I need to go collect part of her surprise in order to get her address from her. Also told her that it will be better to deliver it to her first so she won't be a rag-and-bone woman when we go out! If not she will probably be like why I need her address, why I need to go Chinatown collect the thing and since we are going Clark Quay, we can go no no no!!!

Saturday came by and the weather was really damn hot! Took a train down to Chinatown and I ended walking up and down because I misread the address and assumed it was at China Square and realised it was not, then walked back to Chinatown Point then checked my map and realised that the place was just behind China Square!!!! FMLx99999999 BUT thankfully when I got to Chinatown, the rain had just stopped, so the only sucky thing was it was humid and sticky and the air was @#!@##$%#

texting her whilst I was on the cab and she thought I had just reached the place. hahahah! So when I reached her place, this silly girl was still doing one side of her eyeliner and she got so excited and started seeing her presents, all this time with only one side of her eyeliner done!!! Her reaction was what I have expected when she just go "OMG" all the way. hahaha!!! Like when I was getting all the present, I have already pictured her expression/reaction! However, it was still funny to see it Live!

So no matter how hot it was and how much I was complaining about the freaking shitgoanddie weather, the surprise was a success and the cupcakes were tasty and beautiful!

I think only a few good friends then I will go through all the trouble to do so many things, even travelling through and fro (although I was like FML during the collection).

Lastly, hope bestie had a nice time and enjoying her cupcakes and presents.

I need to top my game next year again. Not sure what I intend to do though. :S

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Wednesday, June 04, 2014
Mid year

It's June yet again

1 year ago
- I was preparing to leave my old company
- Found a new job, thought I met another bunch of good friends but I was wrong. See Rant*
- Had an awesome birthday party
- Went Hello Kitty town with my family

It's a happy month!

I'm a blessed person. I have a very understanding and lovng parents and awesome siblings! I have besties by my side supporting me and always lending me their listening ears. Although I get really tangled up and emotional, they will always be patient with me and hear my rants. My lovely cousin who will always stand by me and so encouraging and understanding.

Anyway, I kinda remembered back in my post that I was thinking of like giving us a chance to start over. I think both sides need to make some effort but I think it is quite impossible because of these reasons

1) We used to have a whatsapp group message. I kinda left the chat and no one invited me back
2) I am only asked to movie 2 hours before my work ends. Insincere and stupid
3) When I was chatting to one of them, was telling me that been so long since I joined them. Never asked why so ya.

I know I have been avoiding but IF as somebody said to have made ANY effort. Will such things happen? I don't know. But please don't be a hypocrite and try to put yourself in a better light. Maybe you are better off together. Isn't it true that birds of the same bird flocked together? I can say you all are terrible, I believe you think the same too about me and my friends. So in the end, don't judge and shut your poison tongue.

I think this will be the last time I will ever mentioned about them. It's a good closure and time to move on. :)

I believe things happen for a reason. Without them, I won't have apppreciated my friends even more. Sometimes I feel that I take them for granted and this is probably a wake-up call for me.

Thank you for allowing me to realize the people who are more important to me!

In no order of importance, these are the most important people in my life. My Family, Cousin Angeline, Besties - Yuan Ee, Eugene, GC, Eileen, Lala, Casilda, Wahidah, Janna, Siti, Rashikin, Joyce, Shirley, Eddy, Peiru. :)

Thank you for sharing my sorrows and happiness, ups and downs, with me all the time. I am sorry if I failed my part as a friend sometimes. I am grateful to have you all in my life and going through every aspect of my life!

You all never fail to make me laugh and feel better no matter what you do. My soulmates who are so understanding, loving, patient and encouraging. I am where I am because of you all. I don't know how I can survive my emo period without you guys! xoxo

Expel the negativity in life and appreciate the people around you.

Looking forward to my BIRTHDAY!!

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