Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Wishlist 2014

I think I'm rather blessed with material goods and finding it harder and harder to come up with wishlist as the year go by. I think I'd break it down to catergories

YSL Forever Youth Liberator Eye Creme
YSL Beauté Forever Youth Liberator Cleanser
YSL Forever Light Creator Skintone Corrector Serum

YSL Liquid Foundation
YSL Rouge Volupt in No. 52
YSL Beauté Couture Palette - No 07, Parisienne
Marc by Marc Jacob Shameless- Bold Blush in Naughty Pale Pink*/ Obsessed Pink

HP desktop with touchscreen
iPhone 5s/ iPhone 6 (Depends on the contract and price plan)

Cash Vouchers (Probably Capitaland*/Taka)
Ang-bao is fine too *
Ikea Alex 9 Drawer *
LV Neverful in GM

Anyway those marked with (*) are items that are much preferred. Abit...ok...quite shameless but it's a wishlist.

It is not that hard to come up with the list. Look how crazily long it is. damn -.-

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Thursday, May 08, 2014
Long time

Been a long time since I last blogged.

14/4/2014 - couldn't really sleep the night before. Woke up early in the morning because Dad sent brother to work. Drop us off @ TTSH after that. I think immediately went to the Day Surgery Centre to register. I think I felt very nervous but I was trying to keep calm and carry on. Anyway, I was ushered into the room and had to change out my clothes and waited for the time to come. Recieved alot of good wishes from buddies and colleagues.

Then 0930 came and I was wheeled into the operating theatre. Scared to the max! I remember they put the mask over me and I was trying to concentrate on my breathing. I remembered thinking to myself why I hadn't KO, and the next thing I knew, I woke up in the recovery ward!

Had to wait 4 hours for the HD bed. Restless and kept asking the nurse when will I be transferred to the ward. Waited in anticipation! Eventually I was transfered to my ward at 5.00pm!

Had so much wire hooked up to me. Couldn't go the toilet...and then the pain came. Wanted to take a mouthful of water but I can't even sip and swallow.

Thankfully there was not bleeding and I was able to go home on the 15/4/2014.

HL was given til 22/04/2014 but it was like hurting like shit. Went back for another appointment on the 22/4/2014 and HL was extended til 06/05/2014.

Anyways, thanks mom for taking care of me for the past 3 weeks. It was very awesome bonding time! We played alot of IPad games, watched alot of TV.

Thanks Bestie for being the first to come visit me! And the awesome handmade card! <3 p="">
Thanks dear Susu & Lala for buying me so much yoghurt and pudding! <3 all="" and="" at="" bedok="" cck="" coming="" esp="" lala="" p="" stays="" the="" to="" way="" who="">
Thanks for all my awesome buddies who messaged to check on me and words of encouragement! :)

Although certain individuals didn't, but I'm glad that it's made this way. Since the decision is made to do this then I think goodbye! I am happy this way.

I'm indeed blessed.

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