Monday, December 31, 2007
Hurry New Year

1 more day to year 2008 and not really looking forward to it. I'm getting older and graduation is less that a month away. Rather saddening to know we'd all part ways to carry on with the next phase in life.

Many thanks/love/huggies to Family, Cas, Eugene, Steph, GC, Pei Pei, my scandal for the wonderful memories.

Take care and Happy New Year (in advance)

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007
Hurry X'mas

This 2 weeks break is going to end soon!

I seem to be rather busy with stuff that never seem to end. Last week was meeting my scandal, Pei Pei to do our UTM project. Managed to do my part smoothly. Thursday and Friday was at my cousin's house. Weekend was temple volunteer work. =) Hadn't really found much time to meet up with Shu Xian and Yuan Ee (Sorry girls).

Merry X'mas 2007 and Happy New Year 2008

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Freedom for a second

The bee has offically abandoned me to accompany his parents for a holiday. So I shall not be bothered by him and not say much to him. Blehx.

Now is the start of common test....BREAK! All the horrifying and sleepless night AND STRESS! is over...for now. 2 weeks breaks is for me to recharge and get prepared for the new semester. Not really looking forward to term start cause it just means projects are going to deal soon!

Met with Pei Pei and my scandal to do our UTM project. It was quite easy as the movie we have chosen to write on was relatively quite straight forward and easy to spot the influence it has on the audience. Hugs to my scandal for taking the trouble to prepare for us egg mayo sandwich. (=

Take care y'all! Merry X'mas in advance (in case I don't blog on X'mas day)

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Thursday, December 13, 2007
Drink from me and live...forever?

The letter writing to her made me thought about many things that has happened. The actions of a man, is it worth it? It seriously made me ponder upon my existance here. Sometimes should I have committed this action? Should I speak what I have to?

Sigh, it is not the time to get emotional, but then again, why do such feeling just flow in when it's like a day before the common test.

I seriously doubt he does understand how deep his words have hurt me, indeed. He just never realise it. Only through such crude words do I realise what I truly am to him. Stop giving me false lies and hopes that it's for my own good. I am not that naive to believe that, it only allow me to know what kind of a person you are.

Maybe I should really try my very best to do the ACL to deny things that I really don't wanna see/hear. It does no help but bring me down. I am not going to cry myself to sleep every night, and wake up treating as if nothing has happened. ): I am not going to say that you'd change and I'll change. Fucking shit, it is really getting to emotional. To think I am blogging about such shit ass stuff when I should be mugging for my test.

It is not that I don't have to good friend to share my thoughts, but at times, I just don't know how to share it with them. I am not always happy like I seemed to be. Sigh, I can't always be bothering others just because of my own personal things. I don't want things like that to happen, it just came to me like a slap in the face. Honestly, it makes me wanna think about it when I feel like sharing. Sad but so true.

Sometimes I don't want you to understand, you seem to have enough problems to listen to mine. to that person out there, I totally hate you, whatever happened to the lil friendship. I don't think you'd ever understand your actions. You always think you are right while I am always Fucking wrong. To hell with you, I shall not bother to talk to you. I shall delete you from my contact list or whatsoever shit I have.


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Sunday, December 09, 2007
When things just happened

I shall blogged from Wednesday as I can't really remember what happened before Wednesday. LOL. No morning class this wed as we've already met the lecturer to tell him about what our report will be and he's fine with it.

Lunch was at alumni clubhouse and it was raining frigging heavily that day. Totally wanted to cab down BUT I'm not gonna waste any money to cab unless I really have spare cash. Food there was alright but the drinks is totally cannot make it. I've tried almost every drink but none to my liking.

WISP was finishing up the war and whatsoever slides, and she showed us "Barefoot Gen" anime. The movie was about the bombing of Hiroshima. It was so emo can, the part where the mother and Gen tried to save their family really made me cry. EMO!! >.<>.< No class on Friday BUT we had to go for excursion(we had to go cuz they made it compulsory, although they put it nicely that we were selected.) to Suntec City Convention. We had to go to IPTV forum, but for us, it was to visit Kah Heng, Pei Pei and Ze Yang. Go there listen, and cam-whored all the way. -.- After IPTV, went KFC to have lunch with GC, Eug, Cas, Li Ting and Steph. My scandal came to find us, after lunch, walked to Raffles City as I was going to help my sister get her foundation stuff. Bus home with Eug and Uncle GC, and met my family at Causeway Point for dinner. (=

Lastly, pictures to sum it all up

Pei Pei & Kah Heng

Group Photo

(From Left) Pei Pei, Esther, Kah Heng, Chris, Ze Yang, Eric

Scandal, I missed mine! Sigh

Group Photo Of The Day

(From Left) GC, Eugene, Me, LiTing, Pei Pei, Casilda

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Yeah, got Mdm Neeza for AR lecture and lab, at least I know I'd be paying attention to her class. She's the only lecturer of whom I can sit through the entire lecture w/o losing interest or dreaming away. (=

I don't know what to get for the bee! He can afford everything, so he told me there's nothing much I can give him. FUCK! Roar~it's time to brainstorm things that I can get for him. XD I'm just gonna get something for him, because it's the thought that counts, not the gift. =)

Bought cupcakes, chocolates from NP Orchard Road there. (= Cupcake wasn't too bad, just that the icing on the cake will stained your teeth and lips. LOL. Bought chocolate for Pei Pei too, since she came to school today. Not buying cupcakes for the bee cause doubt he'd like it. And all his gym session will go to waste. Therefore I assume he will not want/like it. SETTLED!

I'm not going to see my "scandal" dearest for this week. =x She won't be coming to school tomorrow, Thursday I won't be having school and Friday we are all "asked" to attend the IPTV forum at Suntec City. Hopefully it'd be fun. XD

It's the CT week next week, dammit!

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Monday, December 03, 2007
Futile Effort

Saturday's lab test was quite a disaster, that person just owned us twice. First it was written final, now is the lab. Totally caught off-guard when I saw the traffic shaping thingy. It's worth 22 marks and all I've typed in was utter rubbish! How could I have forgotten that he's in charge of setting the paper. zzz! At least I managed to spam some translation out BUT I don't think it's correct though.

After labby, took bus (w/ Steph) to Clark Quay to meet my cousin, had lunch at Central. Yummy and very filling japanese pasta. (= Strolled around clark quay, Liang Court and spent a long time in Kinokuniya. It's about time to prepare some x'mas cards to send around. No meeting up with boyfriend cuz he sms-ed me telling me he was busy. zzz. Never mind, well then, had a long talk with my cousin with some stuff and got my Malice Mizer concert from her. ^^

Gotta go do my cisco online chapter test before I forget. Damn!!

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