Thursday, May 31, 2012
Birthday Gift Guide/ My Wishlist

I am going to do a birthday wishlist. Actually, i have gotten most of the things I wanna get but it's always nice to create a nice wishlist. Here Goes

1) Lush - Honey Farm Gift box $50.37
 ((all information gotten from their website @
We've been making Honey Farm gifts for years now, and they keep flying off the shelves as soon as we set them down. It's probably because they are filled with our best-selling, honey-filled products, including our delectable Honey I Washed the Kids soap, Honey Bee bath bomb for skin-soothing baths, Ma Bar bubble bar (which smells of chocolate and honey – irresistible) and our honey and jasmine Flying Fox shower gel. It's bound to please any honey-lover and anyone new to LUSH.

Contains: Honey I Washed the Kids Soap, Honey Bee Bath Ballistic, Ma Bar Bubble Bar, Flying Fox Shower Gel 100g.

2)  Lush You're a Star $113.93

You're A Star is filled with products that our famous customers bought, so that you can bring Hollywood into your home! Gwyneth Paltrow was bewitched by Ceridwen's Cauldron, Angelina Jolie needed our Helping Hands and Eva Green took some time out to visit a Floating Island. We'd go on, but we don't like to brag about our Hollywood friends.

Contains: Dream Cream Body Lotion, Helping Hands Hand Cream, Floating Island Bath Melt, Aqua Mirabilis Body Butter, Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt, Ma Bar Bubble Bar and Honey I Washed the Kids Soap

 3) Lush Ro's Argan  $49.90 + No drought Dry Shampoo ($25??)

4) Lush Mamma Mia Gift box - $50+ to 60+
:) saw this yesterday and fell in love!!

5) 龍の化身 ― Gackt photobook - $73.80

6) Canon Selphy CP800 (Challenger selling at $139)

7.) Hunger Games Trilogy + Box set for Percy Jackson

8) iMac :)

I don't really know what else. but for now, these are what i would like to receive.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012
Happy Birthday BFF

This post will be a belated birthday post to my BFF!

I am glad we are still so close as ever and thanks for all your encouragements and having to tolerate my constants rants on how much I hate my work and my emoness every now and then

Distance does not distant our friendship and it make ls it stronger thanks to skype, Facebook and twitter

May this year be a good, awesome one to you! May all be smooth sailing and may life treat you well! Your life will be filled with endless happiness and may all the sorrows disappear!

Happy Birthday Yuan Ee! I love you deep deep! <3

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Too busy with shitty work that I really have no time to blog! It's going June means my birthday is coming! So excited and happy! But means I'm getting older. Not yet sure what exactly I want for my birthday... Maybe I'd think about it..

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