Friday, June 30, 2006
Ladies Night

there goes another week. got back all our common test paper, i didnt do badly, but yet it wasnt well done. kinda sad, 1 more mark to 80 for both CSF and Math. :'( oh well, i guess its extra more work for the exams. boo!!

i like how jerome is all shy and stuff when we, well cas, talked to him just now at the library. and honestly, his chinese really isnt good, he tried asking us whether we had any plans for the weekend in mandarin but all he could say was "zhuo mo......" then blank blank blank. cute! he looks better when he smiles. :D and i still dun like it when ben calls him fuck face! =.='''

nazir is really so slack, and lenient. he actually cancelled lab cuz we said we were tired and stuff. i'm starting to get worried cuz i dun understand anything about lecture and lab. gee...thats one of the worst thing that could ever happen! :( i miss kanathal(sp?)!

that lim kok yeng always find fault with us. but i was rather shocked when wz actually talked back at him, cuz its just isnt something that wz will actually do. and he started arrowing ben, wz, pat and rach...cuz apparently, he thinks they wont paying attention in his class. bahh...i miss mr yee! :'(

the 2 weeks break was like so nice, i can sleep and wake up as and when i want. but then it is just too short. just as i was getting use to this life, my 2 weeks is fast!! i really cant wait for the 7 weeks break. then i can sleep for all i want, and i like! but then, jerome leaving after this semester. kinda sad! :'(

cheers* ohh la la la

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Thursday, June 22, 2006
STEP you

i think i am addicted to maple story, i know i used to complain how frustrating it can be, and so on...but then, boredom can do people harm, like what it did to me. and now, i am so addicted. gee. kinda bad.

nothing much has happened to me. school is starting soon, and i hadnt done any of the assignments given, damn! but still, i am looking forward to school, only because of jerome and nothing else. =D


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOURS TRULY [ i am finally 18, damn it]

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Friday, June 09, 2006
Bold & Delicious

Adam's leaving on Sunday. I am really gonna miss him so much. Didnt manage to meet up with James today, he was busy and I didnt feel like meeting him. Oh the irony.

I thinks lotsa of things are starting to look up now. Sometimes I dont really want him to leave. He never stays for long and for once I was having high hopes that he'd be staying for a while. However, it's never this case as he's busy, he has to spend time with him parents, and also his friends. So I feel very selfish always keeping him with me, but yet I dont wanna see him go.

The two weeks break has offically commence, and i am so bored...and will be even more if he leaves. i cant bother people to accompany me all the time, it would be utterly frustrating. :S i cant wait to be 18 soon. hooo....finally M18 movies, here i come.... =))

The study of stupidity is called 'monology'

jerome jerome wherefore art thou

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Thursday, June 08, 2006
Humming 7/4

My childhood used to be filled with so much wonderful memories. I guess Disney was part and parcel of my life those days. Cartoons took up almost 70% of my life. Browsing through URLS and URLS, I stumbled upon a particular cartoon that brought back many memories. It was " The Little Mermaid" based on Hans Christian Andersen's books. Unlike the happy ending it had in Disney's Little Mermaid. This is kinda like a tragedy, because the prince married another princess, whom he thought was the one that saved him instead of the mermaid, and she turned into foam in the end.

I remembered crying alot when I saw the movie, because Disney's always has happy ending. I didnt like the prince's decision of marrying the princess. It was only when mermaid jumped off the ship, and he saw the things she left behind that he remember she was the one that had actually saved him. Quite sad right! :'(

The ending to the show, by the way, its a japanese cartoon, not to worry, dialogues are in english! :D

The song i used to like so much when I was younger! =D The lyrics of the song is kinda like what will happen to her.

Awww...I miss my childhood so much! :'(

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
winding road

the common test week is finally over after that seemingly long days [ only 3 fyi]

CSF - i think its ok, but i dont think there will be A..cuz of some careless mistakes here and there plus some oh-so-obvious-questions-that-is-easy, i forgot how to do.

EM3B - ok, its fine too, just that the last question left me confused and killed some of my braincells just by trying to solve it. careless mistake here and there. :'(

DEL - two words: SCREWED UP! i forgot DeMorgan's again, last question was tough, and i didnt know what they want, and i was panicking.

final verdict : Goodbye A. yess Sireee.... :'( damn!

i think Jerome loves blue alot, almost everyday, i see him in blue, be it blue shirt, blue polo tee. well...all shades of blue! and he looked like he has a wardrobe full of it. =.=''

B R E A K . F O R . 2 . E N T I R E . W E E K . YEAH! so school, no waking up early, no squeezing the bus with both working adults and students. ^^ but no J E R O M E ! ! ! ! :'(

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