Friday, July 09, 2010
The Twilight Sage: Eclipse

This will be my honest review on this movie. I promise I won't be bias! (: Well, here goes

As usual, I am super excited!! The reason being that this is the best in the series, where all the action!! And the final battle~

For the start of the movie, we are introduced to a character running away from something sinister and he was running along the alley..and screaming for whoever that is stalking him to reveal himself/herself. Something just sweep across him and bit him in hand, and he is left on the floor screaming as he starts to transform.

The story goes on around Bella's life, Edward bringing her to visit her mom after Alice had a vision. Many new faces in the show. and we then know that the guy at the start of the movie was Riley Biers, and he was transformed by Victoria to help create an army to come and kill Bella, and prolly try to end the Cullen Clan.

The Army of New Borns

Bella is torn between her love for Edward and Jacob and blah blah blah. But her final Decision was to marry Edward. ( isn't it obvious?!)

They managed to defeat Victoria and her army, with the help of the werewolves, and for now all we have to do is wait for Breaking Dawn to come out. (:

What I like about the movie
1) Edward- Sparkling Vampire!
2) I thought the action scene was nice (though it could be better).
3) Battle with the Newborns
4) Bella finally realised that she do love Jacob
5) Quileute Legends and the 3rd Queen's sacrifice
6) Bella trying to convince Edward to have sex with her
7) Brief history of Jasper & Rosalie's life
8) Bryce Dallas Howard was a great choice as Victoria

What I don't like about the movie
1) The final battle with Victoria could have been more was too short
2) Bella being so fickle-minded
3) Edward & Jacob's rivalry over Bella :/
4) will add on if I could remember

The movie was nice, but could have been better though. ***/5

Lastly, somethings to drool over

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