Monday, November 17, 2008

Its moving towards the end of the year, and CNY will be coming soon too! =)

The Halloween Party the other day was ok. Sadly, I missed the top few prizes.

5th: DS Lite
4th: PSP
3rd:Sony Cybershot camera
2nd: Wii
1st: IPOD touch

The prize was actually cool! I only got the $80 capitaland voucher, ah. better than nothing though. Shucks, the prize is still damn cool! =( I heard the prizes for D&D is even better, so ya... let's just hope! =)

I am gonna use the eBen but now, I don't know which hotel to book. I was thinking of those along orchard, now is to try to pray I can get leave on 26th Dec. I really should have taken this leave earlier, oh wells.

I'm not gonna get DS lite after all, cuz I don't think I'd be playing with it often. So I shall not waste my money, and invest it on something else. Unless the DSi isn't tad expensive, I may still consider.

I'm looking forward to Disney Live on Saturday~Yippie

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Thursday, November 06, 2008
What's wrong

I feel really emo today! Half way while doing my work, I just felt like crying (for no reason). I'm trying to figure out why I'm so emo. Thankfully I can go home at 5.30pm, if not I'd be more sian when I have to squeeeeeze into the packed train!

Hopefully the party tomorrow will be fun!! At least it'd lift my mood.

Things that will make me happy~
- Chocolate
- Cartoon
- JK
- Bee!
- my bed! =)

I'm glad Obama won! Team Obama! =)

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008
Can't Wait

I can't wait to go see Disney Live~! I wish I could stay 18 like forever but it's so not gonna happen! (Cuz I'm already 20!) I was thinking of going HK Disneyland for the Christmas, but too packed and don't think there will be tix. Plus it means I may have to ballot for leave (especially when it's December!)

We will be having a post Halloween Party in office this Friday, and a little not motivated to stay. Spend my Halloween at JP, and Saturday went Singapore Flyer. They are having a promotion now, so we chose the Hippo tour thingy. It was kinda expensive, considering a minute a dollar.

I'm counting down the day I see an increase in my bank account figure (PAY DAY!) and also yes~ Disney Live! =))

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Monday, November 03, 2008

I have been wheezing and sneezing since like 12am. Hope I don't fall sick~! I've just changed my working time from 8am - 5.30pm(Monday to Thursday) and 8am to 5pm(on Friday). The train lately is seriously packed and just had a freaking hard time trying to squeeze in. I don't wanna be late, so decided to let my supervisor know that I wanna change my working time.

Still trying to upload photos. I just done up a "blog" at wordpress, selling Disney Sega Items. Shall link up the site to my blog once I've completed it, do support though. LOL~! =)

I can't wait for X'mas to get my bonus!

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