Monday, April 30, 2007

Holiday tomorrow which meant there won't be 8am lesson. Yeah-ness! :) Lab this morning went on very smoothly. We managed to ping our peer via command prompt but when we tried to access their, we were unable to access their web browser. At first we thought Kah Heng they all did not clear the ACLINSIDE command, but it was the server .22 problem, thus we just skipped and managed to get through the lab in an hour or so. hahas

I was planning to breakfast with Casilda, but there wasn't a point as lecture always ends like point having breakfast at 9 then later lunch at 11..waste of money...hahas. We went co-op get vitasoy and off to lecture. Lecture today was tiring. I don't know why but my eyelids were threatening to close as I was listening...but luckily I was able to absorb 70% of the lecture content

If I have time on Thursday, I shall go down Raffles' Place to get the donuts for the family and the boi. :) Looks nice when I saw Eugene with it this least this is something I can get for my family to enjoy.

I've finally posted up pictures to disneyland up in photobucket, if you are interested...feel free to pm me on msn to get the url! :) Just be prepared for the >10 pages of picture. I think we were a lil too excited with the wonders of our canon ixus 7 camera. :"P

Labour Day Tomorrow. Cheers~

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I'm fine.

Just having PMS.

I'm going to stay happy from now on :)

Loves and thanks to all who cared! Appreciate it alot...

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Sunday, April 29, 2007
Get Out Of My Life

I can't sign in with my login name! What the hell is wrong?! Projects piling up, feeling super f***ed up. Blame it on that fucking idiot and this damn flu of mine.


I guess they all changed, and thanks for letting me realise how damn f***ing dicks you are. Arggh! I am starting to lose myself to the dark side...I am silly to think we'd still stay that way, but I was being too naive...I really am! D:

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Thursday, April 26, 2007
Pictures Update

As promised, I'd post up our weird photo we took using the MAC book @ Cine Mac. HAHA! We spend a long time there. Laughing away at every picture we took. The employees there must be thinking we're spastic kids. haha.

Cas & Samantha. (Stretch look)

The 3 of us. Samantha looks very anime like :3

Funny looking aliens

Hahas. Cas look cute. :3

Group Photo of the Day
(From Left) Cas, Morven,Samantha, Me

I look like a fucking donkey and what noise
does a donkey make?

We really should do that more often. Thanks guys, and love! :D

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I&E in Action was fun, played games to get to know the class better. Decided on our grouping, our group consist of Samantha, Morven, Terrence, Casilda and your truly. hahas. We did some planning on what we were going to do, and it went on smoothly. Thanks to everyone's cooperation.

After lesson, which ended at about 1030+...after further discussion with the group, the rest of us (excluding Terrence) decided to head down Cineleisure to catch 200 Pound Beauty. Had Long John for lunch, even though lunch was nothing expensive or whatsoever, it was great having them around. Discussed about our modules, attachment, and lecturers was great. hahas. :3

The movie we watched was touching, it is really saddening that looks meant so much in this society. Seems so degrading that all people care are looks.....Enjoyable day it was, great company too. (: This group has been the best, at least they are more enthusiastic, and co-orperative.

Cheers to wonderful team-mates. ANS lab tomorrow which mean lesson at 2pm. Damn!!

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Sunday, April 22, 2007
WTF Happen

Kinda weird that my mood change so drastically. Is it that I'm not sensitive enough as a friend, girlfriend, daughter or whatsoever? I feel my friendship has gotten really fucked up, my relationship with him on the rocks. Damn, why can't you just be more understanding? You don't make time for us, and you complaining as if it were my damn fault. D:

I hate this very emotional me. I wanna cry at anything that happen.....I missed my secondary school buddies. Sometimes, I am not as strong as I seem. Alot of times, I wish you were here just to hug and comfort me. I just wanna hear you tell me everything is going to be okay. D:

I pray for strength to move on without having to cry at everything. I don't want those false friendships. I don't want any of your false concern, I just wanna be alone. Let the darkness consume my pain...let time heal the wound. Sigh

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Saturday, April 21, 2007
Weeks Update

Got a letter from Ngee Ann informing whatever Director's List thingy. Kinda surprise by this announcement...cuz I didnt think the A I got for my IAP was a high A. (: Momma was agreeable about the YEP program...the thing now is to go Vietnam, Sabah, and China.

School this week is kinda slack. I enjoyed the FNS and ANS lab cuz it's comething I'm rather familiar with. Encountered certain difficulties during VCN labs which covers IP phones. I've never touched IP Phones, what I've done in NCS are just configuring Routers and Switches, plus AP... (:

Going to start on the engineering journal, it would be of some help to my WSS too. Classes now are still quite enjoyable. The peeps in my class are all pro, i.e MS, ZY, KH....will be so stress and no own-ing of the class anymore. hahas.

Not going to post up any pictures I took from HK, too many pictures le....Decided to post them up photobucket. Those interested can pm me in MSN for the URL. (: Nothing much to update as nothing interesting happened in my life. Take care, y'all

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong. :) Andy Lau, David Beckham look very life like. The ayumi was too plastic, don't even look like her at all. D: more pics coming up soon~

School just started. Not very use to getting up early...I'm having 8am classes 3 days in a row. Tuesday and Friday is the most f&*%# up one....lessons til 6pm...damn! I don't like the class in a way, there is not familiar feeling like last time. sSian. Trying to tong, and hopefully be able to get along fine~ :P Shall do a longer edit if I know what I'm going to write...

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Friday, April 13, 2007
A lil bit of something

Been thinking through quite a lot. I realised how much I've changed over the years. Like what Te-oh said wrote to me, I was once a very jovial, happy-go-lucky person. However, over the years...I've changed tremendously. As time passed by me, I grew rather tempremental, I couldn't even tell my problems...All I did was kept the problems deep down within my heart and with so many problems down there, the mood swings started acting up. I lost my temper over trivia matters...I brought heart breaks to the people around me. Most importantly, I got rather sensitive...every lil gesture, words would cut deep into me. I wanted to cry, but tears just flowed back eyes wont get watery...I really don't know why. It's saddening.

Thinking back into the past was just too frightening. Yet again, I missed those happy times..but it'd never come back to my side. All that is left would have just been memories...most time, i wished that the memories would just be erased. I wanna smile like I mean it, I wanna look into his eyes and get the courage to say I love him. sSigh.

Well, back to the more happy things. Pictures are still on the way...over 300+ and trying to do a collage on the nicer pictures that we took. (: Cheers. I hope you all had fun~ It's Friday the 13th

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It has been quite a while since I last update my blog. Came back from Hong Kong last Thursday, the weather there wasn’t as bad as what my momma’s friend had stated. The air was quite good, cool breeze occasionally.

Dad drove us to the airport early in the morning, we collect the tickets ourselves and did the check in all by ourselves also. We board the plane at 0805hr and reached HK by 1200hr. We waited for quite a while cuz of certain people; but luckily for us, we get to check into the hotel first since Mong Kok was nearest to the airport. After settling down in the tiny hotel we were given. We took our lil map and went down shopping.

We first went Ladies Market (Nu Ren Jie) and bought a lot of cutesy stuff like Disney plush toys, handphone pouches and key chains. Had wonderful and delicious mango and sago juice dessert at Hui Lau Shan. J After that we wondered off to Tung Choi street and had smelly beancurd (yummy~). It was all about shopping and eating. Dinner was at the shop beside our hotel. The pig liver porridge and you tiao tasted so much better than those in SG!! (:

2nd day was a half day city tour. We went to Aberdeen Fishing Village and took a cruise to see the life of fishing villagers. Happened to chance upon Li Ka Shing’s yacht……the petrol used for such yacht cost about $5000 an hour. Damn expensive. :P We then went to a temple and got to see Jacky Cheung’s house. J Next stop was Victoria Peak and Madame Tussaud Wax museum. I got to see Ayumi, Brad Pitt, Andy Lau, Jay Chou. J Cool Beans~ After the half day city tour, they left us down at Tsim Sha Tsui where we took the MTR to Jordon. At Jordon, we went to Temple Street to do more shopping. Weather was so cold, I had to put on 2 jackets. Hahas.

3rd day was to Disneyland. I love the stage performance, was totally worth it. Thankfully we got to play all the rides there and also took pictures with Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bear, Chip & Dale and a lot more. Merchandise there was soooo cute, and we spent almost all our cash there. We bought T-shirts, key chains, cups…..

Back to Singapore was nice, but still trying my best to get use to the weather here. Really hot and humid here! School’s starting next week, shall get to meet Yuan Ee as hers will also start next week. Take care peeps. Shall upload pics soon~ CHEERS

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