Thursday, August 30, 2012
My Views

In case you realized how grammatically correct I am in this post, I am actually typing this on MS word.

Ok, back to the topic

I am kinda disappointed in Vanity Trove this month. Somewhere in mid-August, I sent them an email enquiring if I will be receiving this September’s edition of VT. Usually I have my paypal prompting me of payment deduction but I hadn’t gotten any in August. They replied me telling me that deduction was done is late July which mean I can look forward to my Sept edition of VT, which I was really excited.

Fall is like my favourite season, and the whole publicity got me really anticipating for my trove. I liked them on Facebook so that I can keep track on their activities and updates. As the previous week was a short one due to Hari Raya, there was a post on their Facebook wall informing that all delivery will start on the 27th.

My friend’s sis has already received hers on Sunday. I mean we live kinda nearby but so far I hadn’t gotten mine yet. I didn’t even receive any email notification on the delivery notice. I have emailed them but have only gotten an automated email reply and nothing. No updates! I hope I will receive them tonight when I get home.  However, I am not keeping my hopes up since I hadn’t even gotten any delivery notice email. If they really missed out my order this month, maybe I don’t think I want to continue my subscription with them.

Among the 3 beauty subscription boxes, VT is considered the most expensive, at $25. So far, it hasn’t disappointed me. Delivery services are timely and efficient. Their range of products is really awesome and I am happy to receive them in the mail every month. hopefully this is just a onetime experience because I am so looking forward to next month’s “Bold and Beautiful”!

On the other hand, Bellabox was awesome this month. Not only had it come in a really cute edition of I love SG tote recyclable bag, it brought back many good products. My box came with an Anna Sui eyeshadow, Philosophy Hope in a Jar cream, China Glaze nail polish etc.

I really like the benefit poreless product, but I would trade it for anything Anna Sui. I fell in love with their products when I was at Taiwan. I can see myself getting more products from Anna Sui in future!

Yes to more nail polishes in my subscription box. China Glaze is a much raved about products in the Youtube beauty community but I never really got a chance to try it. I like my OPI and cheapo $1 nail polishes I got from my market. So I’m gamed to trying new nail polish brands. :] 

May my Sept VT come today and I don’t have to wait patiently for it. :[ 

I need to plan for Halloween but it’s only August now. STGCC this weekend, I wanna go get my devilrobots stuff! :D

Sorry I am ranting on this matter. I just want to receive my Trove soon!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Lost my phone and I pray to get it back...sigh

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Thursday, August 09, 2012
My dreams

I always have same dream! Sadly my good dreams I either dont remember or I am interrupted by my alarm clock.

Is it strange that in my dream I can smell, feel and taste...for example, if I dreamt that I'm kissing someone, I could actually taste that weird?

Also when I am falling sick, I will always have this same recurrent nightmare and I would wake up with a fever and strange feeling! This kinda plagued me since I was young! It's still vivid in my head and I could always remember the detail...

I dream of random handsome guys...I never dreamt of Edward but Jacob as my boyfriend! I just dreamt of Chris Evans but I remember I was all shy and stuff...darn I was woken up by my alarm so I couldn't remember much..

I am afraid of my nightmare! I'm glad it's hasn't been bugging me for a while. Please give me more good dreams even though it's not real! It's a good unreal fantasy I can indulge in and I am happy to be in that state!


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National Day

Happy 47th Birthday Singapore!!!!!

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You're prolly fucked

When you realized that someone could be the one that backs tabbed you! I hope I didn't misjudge this person and I hope my instinct don't come true!

You better not be that snitch alright! I have faith in you so don't betray whatever trust I have for you! I don't wanna come to a stage where we can't even be friends and that will be very very sad! Sorry, I can't see myself wanting to talk to you! I wanna avoid you because I don't want to scream at you and scold you for being such a prick!

I really really at the bottom of my heart hope its not you alright! Don't prove me wrong...sigh

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Friday, August 03, 2012

I think I can truly relaxed by the end of next week.

I hope my mood stop acting like a stock market

I hope I don't have that wanting to cry feeling

I hope I will be more relaxed and calm

I hope I don't have to feel so scared and weak

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Wednesday, August 01, 2012
Fantasy part 1?

I dragged my feet home, dreading along the journey it takes to travel from work back home. Home beckons me longingly. I long to step into this zone of comfort, knowing you'll be home waiting.

I saw you look up when I opened the door. You look tired baby was what you whispered as you took me into your arms. I could feel your lips against mine and I wanted more of it. The kisses was light and playful.

All I wanted to do was cry. You hugged me close to you, so close I could smell your aftershave. What happen, you asked, waiting patiently for my answer. I felt hesitant, I didn't want to rant at you at this time. I'm home, I should not bring my grievances from work home. Your hand was running up and down my back.

Maybe you wanna take a bath then we'll talk?

I looked up at you, reluctant to take myself away from you. I stepped into the hot water and felt the heat wash away the fatigue in every muscle. I cried in the shower, I couldn't control my tears. But crying makes me better, crying makes me feel alive.

I stepped out of the shower and you already there, on the bed, waiting for me.

Your arms were around me. I felt safe, your hug tells me everything was going to be ok. You could sense that I'm not in the sharing mood, you kept quiet and pulled me in to your chest. I felt your warmth, I felt the security. Your love is what kept me strong.

I resisted the kiss, knowing what may happen like it always does all the time, you laughed at my silliness and just wanted to go on. I know I couldn't stop you and just let it go. I hope I have the strength to say no to you tonight...let's just hope for that...

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