Monday, November 08, 2010

I am supposed to do a few entries in a month..and NOT 1 post a month. I really don't know what to update as I based my updates on Twitter :P

Ok then. I was just playing wii (actually found time) and you know what, something "exploded" within the tv and the next thing...smoke started fuming up..SO I have to switch off everything and I CAN'T PLAY WII!!! Fuck!

My momma was telling me she's intending to buy a new TV and placed it in the 2nd living room and I will have to shift out my tv rack and we will put our Wii and PS2 console in it. And in future we can play at 2nd living room and thus giving my room a bigger space.

Now all I need is a new bed, re-arrangement of furniture and Hello New Room! (: Super excited! I may have to re-paste those photo on a new wall...I don't know how the orientation of the furniture will be. Or should I put up my Edward Poster! (My sister is going to hate me)

And if I am moving out my tv rack, it means my Hi-Fi set has to be out of my room, which means I have to get a IPOD Dock so that I can have some entertainment in my room!!! Booo!!! Maybe I'll get it for X'mas, but it's so expensive! Sigh~

Waiting to go down Ikea to see that bed frame we saw awhile ago when I was shopping for my coat rack. My room is in a HUGE mess!!!!

I wish you would stop thinking that being nice, after all that has happen, will solve everything and make it go back to before. It won't! Sorry to burst your bubbles, Honey! If you decide to be such a freaking asshole, don't blame others to be heartless.

The downside of devotion. Everything you do or say gives us the whiplash and hurl us into a whirlpool of emotions. It doesn't make it better and it won't solve the problem. ):

I'm sorry!

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