Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Happy Happy Birthday

To me!

I wish I can be forever 17 (Like Edward)

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010
Birthday Wishlist 2

- Glee Soundtracks + Series (:
- Ayumi Hamasaki latest 2 concerts
- Pink DS (Saving $ for it)
- A Walk To Remember, Dear John & The Last Song DVD
- Book Vouchers (maybe)

Still super duper happy that I have my Polaroid!! :D :D :D

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Many thanks to LXL, VT, MK, ET & TTC for the lovely Birthday Gift

They got me a POLAROID!!!!! (:

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Saturday, June 05, 2010
Short Update of Life

I am too lazy to update it sometimes. Always busy with work, with so many cases to clear, keep up with service standards and meeting deadlines.

Going PC show next weekend to get my IPod Classic! Goodie~I need the 160GB to store all my concerts, videos and musics. Vicki has spent her entire day trying to convince me that ITouch is so much better and even lent me hers to play with. (: But I still like the capacity that Classic offers (:

In the midst of saving to get Polaroid, cuz it's such a cutie thing to own and I can stick those pictures to this message board I have just made.

OH! Talking about this message board...initially, I used it to paste all my Twilight pictures but after a while, I realised that my room has more of less been occupied by Twilight postcards, posters etc. So I removed them and made it into my message/picture board. (: Hung in on my wall, above my vanity table. <3

I have finally finished reading Dear John! I don't like the ending!! Why can't Savannah & John be together (they just loved each other so much!) I almost cried reading it!!! (same as A Walk To Remember) Now in the midst of reading The Last Song (and I think I'm gonna cry too!)

My little bookshelf is gonna be full now, so if I intend to get more books, it would mean I need to get a new bookshelf... ):

I'll update more if got more happening things :D I still got 600+ photos to upload (office birthday celebration + concert + outing + all) ZzZzzz

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Birthday Wish List (:

22nd birthday coming soon. Sadded.....No more 21....Time flies too fast

- IPod Classic (momma gonna chip in $200!!)
- Polaroid
- DS Lite (Pink~)
- .......

I promise to update this more often, and not tweet so much :P

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