Friday, March 22, 2013
Shoo March

March has been a terrible month.

Fell once, MC 5 days straight

And I wish April will be a better one!

Please be awesome

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Thursday, March 14, 2013
About having a best friend

We don’t need to have the same background. You can be rich while I can be poor or vice versa but as long we share the common interest, same mutual understanding. Then that’s what’s important.

I really don’t know how we got close. I know we were mere acquaintance once. Then after graduation, we still make it a point to go for open house together. And our mutual obsession with neoprints and always having a good laugh in the booths!

I remember when we were posted to different polytechnic and being kinda disappointed cuz you didn’t opt to change your choice to NP. Thankfully our polys aren’t that far off each other. And maybe usual we will use drifted apart as an excuse cuz neither party make an effort to sustain the friendship!

Thank you for always initiating meetups and being available to meet up!

Then the next phase of our life, I went on to work and you started your uni life and I was kinda crushed when I know this programme will let you go study in Swiss for a year! I have doubts if we will be closer or will we drift apart unknowingly.

I’m grateful for many social media platforms that allow us to still communicate with each other! Maybe we did make the effort to not allow our friendship to fall apart.

You are the first one to know my rant, my sadness, my happiness and joy. We can tolerate all our irritating traits we both have. Your overseas venture made our friendship stronger and more happening!
Our love for music branched out to our love for itacho, and from make up to our love for AS & Benefit!

Thank you for always having to hear my constant rant on how bad my work/day is. Listening to my emo-ness and being so whiney!

Thanks for always making effort and taking time to meet me though your work schedule is such a bitch and your off days are so precious! Thanks for cheering me up and cheering me on!

May this go on forever! And maybe a few years from now, we are sitting in a cafe, having kids of our own (being bffs), sipping coffee and reminiscing the good times we have!

Here’s to 10 years of friendship and more! And will get stronger, better and much more good memories to come!

Thank you for being such an awesome bestie! Love you deep deep bestie!!

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Changed to a new team!

Feel out of place!

Realised some of my job scope is still with the other thing wtf?!

Manage to get my kindle after much consideration

Sudden obsession and love for Anna Sui! And prolly my trip to Taiwan will be all about AS

Stop getting drugstore makeup as I have found better

In love with Benefit and it's beautiful blushes and eyeshadows

Got my first MAC product but irk by the attitude of the sales individual.

Monthly meet up with bestie!!

Disney on ice next sat. Zoo with susu and lala on 23rd

And my Taiwan trip is less than 40 days

May 2013 be a good year!

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