Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Been lacking updates due to change in work and various personal life problems

I can just say that I am hanging in there and hoping for things to get well...

After what seem to be like 6 months (est), I finally talked to him again, over a device. Not exactly sure how I feel but I think part of me has not let go a lot of things. I shall not dwell on this, because I made a promise to get over it and there really are things that I shouldn't waste my life and time on.

Anyway I was all alone in office yesterday. Kinda got uncomfortable and decided  to just give up and go home. Being the last person to leave office sucks simply because you need to switch off all the damn lights. So I kinda had to strategize and open the door first, then switched off the lights. Rather than switched it off and fumble for the door in total darkness, NO THANK YOU!

The corridor seemed unnaturally dark and I was trying to move faster. Went past our meeting room and at the corner of my eye I seem to see a silhouette of a woman with long hair sitting on the chair, it was like a person's profile. I jumped and turn my head to get a second glimpse. Not sure why I did that, then hastily walked to the lift. Damn lift were all situated at level 1, so while I was waiting for it the longest time to come up to level 4, I was comtemplating if I should take the stairs instead. However, I remembered that the stairs had mirrors. FML, I just waited for the lift and distracted myself with my phone and try not to look around. -.-

PS. Thankfully everything is ok. I only remembered chills running down my spine and I felt so helpless and uneasy. Note to self: if the last person leaves, it's time to leave too.

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