Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm down with flu and sore throat, and I'm taking alot of chinese medicine. =) Despite the sore throat, I braved it to go Escape with my momma and sister! It was still the same, not much change and kinda boring, even the daytona wasn't as exciting as it was when I first went there.

Yesterday was my last day of work(finally!) and I'm so happy about it. They left me at central booth but I wanna go roving(to no avail! =[). Thank Geraldine for the lunch, the chef said it'd be Fish'n'Chips...turns out it's Fish'n'rice (dammit, we always get scam!).

Dinner at Bento Box with Yuan Ee, Doris, Jasmine, Banani, Lynn, Jim, Vian, and Charlene! The dinner was nice and I enjoyed my tempura with Chicken Teriyaki~! (= Took the MRT home together, and OMFG la, Jim dashed into the train, like a rugby player liddat, and snatched the corner seat. OMG! OMG! We were laughing so madly, I think the people in our cabin must be thinking we're insane (Some people were laughing at us too!). Poor Lynn and Charlene cuz they were too embarrassed by us!

Anyways, I must get started on getting a new job, a full-time one!

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm feeding mosquitos at Bird Park working at Bird Park. It is kinda interesting BUT tiring. Like OMG la, cannot sit down, cannot sms/talk on phone because there are too many CCTV around you. Bahh!

On the so-so side, saw Dawn Yeo they all filming dunno whatever show. Stationed at Lory Loft and feed those mosquito. zzz. So many bites on my legs + hands and the itch is irritating me!

ON THE EXTREMELY BRIGHTER SIDE!!! I'm short-listed for my job at MFA and I'm going to take tests tomorrow. (((((=

WISH ME LUCK! yeah~!!

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sent endless and endless of job applications in for full time positions. Hopefully the ones I'm really interested in gives me a successful reply SOON! (=

it's April Fool Day. ((=

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