Monday, July 30, 2007
Open Letter

So many things to study for FNS which is kinda shitty as I hadn't been listening much to the class recently. I was talking to him about some stuff that had happened recently, he gave me the very -.- face. It's nice talking to him, because I realised he is willing to listen to everything I want to say. LOL

ANS practical test is coming up, but I have no idea about the CBACs shit, and I am still struggling with the bloodery ACL which is total crap la. Kenna pang seh-ed by Francis last Thursday and we didn't get to clarify our part II. ROAR

Simpsons Movie this Wednesday with my cousin, cause he has watched it with his buddies, so I shan't make him waste money to watch with me. So many people I wanna meet, BUT our schedules just don't click.

Angels and Demons, which side are you on?

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Saturday, July 28, 2007
Saturday glue

Was doing some things at my brother's room when I happened to chance upon something above his wardrobe, and guess what, it's OPTIMUS PRIME...the japan whatever I think. He has the generation 1 figure, but it's wrapped up and stored it the storeroom...I didn't get to see it. Sad~

Went my cousin's house to day because my sister wanna borrow some formal wear for her module, talked to my cousin about whatever that have happened, yup, it was good talking to her as I could share everything. So it's good. Visited baby Joey and Louie..can't wait to see lil Joey grow up~
Last but not least, funny things that bored people do. Done by Me, Cas, Ah Heng while we were waiting for Francis to return to help us with our ANS.

* Thanks guys (you know who you are), I am ok.

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What lies beneath

Ignorance is a bliss indeed.

1 more semester and I'm out of here.

From today onwards, more happy thoughts please~!

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The Secrets

I cannot be the person I used to be

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Sunday, July 22, 2007
Candy Floss and Popcorn

Silly of to think that the boy was trying to leave for good. I just I am just too oversensitive when it comes to some things. Should begin with what happen on Saturday cuz I can't remember what happened on Friday and before.

Saturday was a good day to sleep, but I was dragged out of my comfy bed to get breakfast at Macdonald, saw alot of people which was quite surprising. I was wondering why there are people who choose to wake up so early, it was not until I saw the banner stand informing of the release of HP book then I realise why there were just so many people. The craze.....gee....After breakfast, waited for my sister and her friends. Had to be the camera-woman for them, thankfully we managed to do the video fast and everything went on smoothly.

Got a call from my momma's friend and we head down temple to help. BUT it turned out that the lady has passed the wrong info and we need not have to go..but what the heck, since we are already there, might as well look see look see if they need any help or whatsoever.

Sunday, the day where I was also dragged out of bed. Momma suggested going to Toa Payoh to have curry fish head. After that head down the burmese temple for blessing (since I'm gonna have lab test on Monday and Tuesday), and we went Taka for the food fest stuff. Nothing special, but still bought quite a lot of stuff. :)

Lab test today was GG, almost couldn't do some questions, but thanks to Cas and did moved on smoothly. Been trying to do IN but I just realised that there are still stuff that I don't understand and am still trying to figure them out.....GG la~

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Sunday, July 15, 2007
Folly moments

A penny for a thought: It sometimes makes me wonder, are our decisions somewhat influence by our friends? We don't like this particular individual only because our friends don't like him/her? Most times, I find myself trap in this state of dilemma, in a way at times, I don't really agree to certain stuff, but yet I choose to go against my feelings and just go by the flow. In my mindset, I never wanted to be labelled as a wet blanket.

The bee told me that he wanted to go abroad for some business trip, and I really don't know if I should feel happy about it. I don't want to be selfish, but yet I can't bear to see him go. I guess it's no more distance makes the heart fonder already.

Tell me, what's business entertaining, in your opinion?

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Friday, July 13, 2007
I love Fridays (:

Funny how Friday always seem to brighten my day, and lift my moods up. I'm really damn hungry now (cuz I didn't have breakfast)! First thing we did in the morning was trying our best to pia through our IPD project 2 documentation and powerpoint slides. Strangely, even though it seems like we have tons of stuff to do, we are still able to get it on smoothly...

VCN lab test was ok, I guess I was lucky enough to get the easiest of the 4 papers. My task was to configure the softphone to work, next was speed dial between 2 computers and an analog phone to work. (: All's over, what's left to worry is ANS, FNS and IN4 lab test now. gee~so many things to be done, and yet so little time. )):

At times it just makes me wonder why I dislike a certain particular individual. Really sad of my actions to dislike that homo-sapien to the core. No, I don't hate hypo----s, I don't dislike liars either. What irks me deep is particularly those really frigging unreasonable souls, and using crying, as their weapon, to win. Gee...get a life, you can't get anyway in life if all you do is cry your way through. Always making others look like the villian with those o-so-innocent tears.

When something happens, or whoever passed a always make me wonder if I am the one who caused that displeasure. I don't know if I am being oversensitive, but in a way I do think I am...forgive this really over sensitive side of mine. I am trying to kill it off me before it overwhelms me entirely. (:

Cheers to love, friendship and everything that makes the world go round. ((:

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Weird Obsession

Could you tell me that everything's gonna be the way it is?
Can't you just be that to make me feel better?
Sometime it makes me wonder if I even matter to you
But I still can't make myself not fall in love with you~

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Totally feeling quite down today, should be PMS-ing. I don't know why lately a lil thing makes me upset. Really have to start to get my life back together. Good luck to me, then?!

Head down Unity got first Alumni Meeting, met up with Shu Zhen, Charlotte, Eng Chuan, Ishita, Hui Min...Hadn't seen all of them for a very very long time. Really had a fun time, but sadly I couldn't get to take picture due my phone low in batt.

Sunday was a siann day, because it always gives me the blues. Head down to BPP and guess what I got...

Yup yup, I've got donuts again. I guess it's personal preference but I totally digg Missy Donuts (whatsmore the queue isn't that long). I started to get unwell at that time, plus the frigging flu has still chose not to go away..

FNS lab was so-so, trying to figure out the CBACS stuff as our access-list had a problem. OMFG, really made me so pek chek when the show ip inspect session details display nothing. VCN was alright, but my mood was swinging (about to hit rock bottom)..increasing some bs-ness.
Complained all the way home , on the phone, to my cousin..Gonna have to get rid of the whiny side of me.

The happier side, got a small pressie from my cousin which is really very sweet (:

Beautiful butterfly necklace, while my sister got a clover shaped one. (:

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

070707, the next will only appear 100 years from now. gee~ where will I be then?

Footnote: alicia is still sick *sneeze*

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

ANS class was alright, luckily the lab went well. After ANS, head down town with Cas and Steph, met my cuzzie at Takashimaya to collect my auction stuffs. Had lunch at Ichiban Sushi

The Sushi with cheese, lobster (but I can't remember the name)

This was weird (Fruity Maki)

Yeah~ Enjoying our sushi! (:

Kyoto Festival Special

The Duck (w/ so much fats!)

(Also Kyoto special) :P

One happy customer (:

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Argh~Down with a bad flu and some occasional(sp?) cough here and there. PS Eug, didn't know you didn't wanna share the d** thingy, but if /i didn't remember wrongly, quite positive I didn't tell her. x-x

I don't wanna fall sick~! BOO! T-T

(More updates when I get home)

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

If it's a penny for a thought, I'd be rich in no time. It's a boring weekend for me. Head down JP for lunch, and some shopping. Momma got me a Scholl shoe (which I thought was quite expensive) and 2 dress(similiar ones but in 2 two colors) for me sister. I was in a :O mode when my momma told my indecisive sister that just get both if she can't make up her mind.

I'm having Sunday blues simply because tomorrow's me, Monday=Moday=Hiding from sunlight all day. (Fish that I'm making no bloody sense AT ALL!!) Who got reference for IPD project 2 documentation. ARGH~!

More updates to come, I'm HUNGRY..and like WZ said and I quote:

"A hungry (wo)man is an ANGRY (wo)man"

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