Wednesday, August 31, 2011
My life in pt 1, 2, 3

Just a quick update of my life

1) Life at work is getting better, I'm getting use to the people, environment and culture. Just done my SAR, work is ok, just gotta be a little more careful! :) Thanks to my neighbour for always encouraging me and loads!

2) 5th August - meet up with Yuan Ee before she left! Got a little farewell gift for her and glad that she likes it! <3 it's something that she wanted to get but didn't. Glad I manage to get something for her that she likes! (:

3) Surprise birthday celebration for LXL! <3 Planned it long long ago and keep having to lie to her (Pinocchio pls) about it! went to get her gift together with ET & TTC! Happy that it was a surprise and she loves her gift! happyness! Stress level gone! After our dinner, went to shop around and settled down at Coffee Bean, together with ET, CP, LXL, SW, to have a drink and chit chat. Really enlightening talk and glad to have such gathering.

I think for now life is quite peaceful and hope things stay this way! <3

my next blog posts will be
1) Get your freak on - 15 weird facts about you
2) xmas wishlist
3) things I have been loving for this past months!

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I will do a post with my meet up with Yuan Ee last Friday and going out with LXL and ET tomorrow!

Sorry for the lack of post!

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