Monday, October 27, 2008

I really hope they don't do funny things to my 13th month bonus! =( The only month where I can actually look forward to maybe even get my hands on the pink DS lite, but recession has just gotta come at the wrong time. Boo~

Spend the weekends at the temple, super tiring but luckily today is a public holiday so I can sleep in. Totally not motivated to go out most of the time, due to the inconsistent weather. Still praying that the ear infection go away. T-T

Wanna port my number to a different service plan, still thinking of the hp I want to get as I can't stand the camera of my current phone. It doesn't take decent pictures! Am in the midst of saving money for Disney Live, as I'd prolly be tempted by the things they'd be selling there. The daily saving 'plan' I've come up with actually works. So at least I see some money by the end of each week! =))

Shall go entertain myself with videos, as tomorrow is work day! =(

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Saturday, October 25, 2008
Long Holiday

Decided to be an ass and wore shorts to work. Turns out to be quite a bad idea, as the air con in office is freaking cold. Have wanted to run off after work, so as not to be seen by too many people. But had to wait for Eugene, so in the end, not much choice. Most people were giving me the look, and ya, I didn't have a choice~! T-T I shall not wear shorts and get killed by the bloodery cold air condition. =(

I just watched both versions of Eat You Up, and I think the asian version is way cooler. At least it displays her awesome dance movements. I thought the US version was kinda cheesy and a lil lame. It's like they're trying to make it look sexy, or something, but it just didn't impress me. They really should air the Asian one in US~

I should try to avoid accessing Ayumi's official site. Now I got 2 more singles added to my list. She will be releasing a single somewhat like Mirrocle World. 2 CD+DVD and each has a different song in it. And being a sucker for such gimmick, I will buy it. T-T Roar~

I am still thinking, going through my list of wants list. AND I STILL GOT A LOT OF THINGS I WANT TO BUY. Dammit~

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Friday, October 17, 2008
The only day

Friday is officially the only day I'm happy. I get to leave 1/2 hour earlier, I need not work the next day!

I'm trying to save money yet I'm so tempted to get a lot of things. I just say Gackt's Mizerable single!! AND THERE'S A PHOTOBOOK THINGY, and it cost $38!!!!! Just for 3 songs, I could have gotten Malice Mizer's album with that amount of money!!! WHY WHY!!! Too bad HMV is selling it at such an expensive price, so I have to browse for other websites, but but...I don't have credit card. T-T

Had dinner with Yuan Ee at Takashimaya. It was expensive but the food is really good! I like the kimchi, at least it taste fresh~!! I hope Monday comes slowly~~

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

I just have no morale to take any pictures because my cellphone's camera just suck! Boo~!

Met up with Scandal, her bf, GC on Friday together with Eugene. Had dinner at PS and just walked around, it was great but I has a lil tired. It's a Friday~ and I just wanna go home sleep. LOL

Weekends are Family Day. Went Central to see the cosplay event, then head to Suntec City. I got so much saving to do!

I can't wait for December to come, as I'd be getting 13th month bonus!!!!

The 4 books that I got for $1 each (the titles are somewhat like that, don't really recall.)
- Dinosaur Brain
- Effective Listening
- Driving Fear out of workplace
- How to deliver a dynamic presentation.

I saw A complete Goodies can, but I don't think I'd be buying! I already have to space to put my Ayumi collectibles already! =( I have no space to accommodate more CDs

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Friday, October 03, 2008
Disney Live

Yes! I'd be going Disney Live this November, and yes~it'd be my 3rd time this year. It would mean I've already spent close to $200 just on this shows. I'm always a happy girl, especially when I saw Ayumi's Complete A singles! I'm always a sucker, and I will get it! =)

I think I'd get the Malice Mizer CD only best album since I just realised that the songs are different, and now HMV Japan is having 2CD 20% off~ and I got 2 CD I'm planning to get of which both will be Malice Mizer (cause HMV here is so freaking expensive, and normal CD shop don't sell them)

My brother is bugging me to let him have the computer to check on game faqs. I just got 4 books today for just $1 each! =))

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008
Children's Day

Boo! I missed being a child. =(

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