Thursday, May 14, 2015
The feeling of getting ignored

Maybe I'm just sensitive.

Someone decided to be an ass and proceed to delete off my guy friends' contact. Talk about being insecure, you decided to be rude, malicious and a major turn-off.

Anyway back to the main part, sometimes I rather you tell me you don't wanna talk to me than leave me hanging :(

I don't wanna cry, please dry my eyes 😢 thanks for giving me so much hope then left me with a broken heart. Maybe I was too serious, too sensitive and too stupid.

Anyway I don't even have your contact and there is no reply and I'd just give up. I guess for now it hurts because the wound is still fresh. Probably id get use to it soon so no more tears!

I am a strong independent woman. I don't need to have a man to be a better person. I am a better and stronger person because I choose to be this way. I choose to concentrate and have a good career. I'm blessed with the best, I have a good family, besties, and cousin and nice bosses!

At the end of the day, I'd look back at these posts and have a good laugh.

I will be emotionally stronger!

I will love myself more!

I will be a happier person!

Be strong my heart! Never put my hopes on others but myself for I'm the only one who can give myself happiness :)

I love me! :)

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