Thursday, November 13, 2014
A-Nation Singapore

I realised I didn't blog about this.

I vaguely remember my sister telling me about this and I was like kinda excited because I know there are alot of artistes participating in this event. I was gushing to my cousin whether or not will ayumi come for this event.

As many of my friends know, I am an avid fan of Ayumi Hamasaki since 2000. I remember getting my 12th birthday present was Loveppears album. I was in love with every single track on that album and the fandom started. I remember painstakingly going through magazines, newspaper clippings and compiling all her articles into a plastic folder (I still have it) and having all her concerts and albums.

Back to the topic. I guess one of the reasons why A-nation concert was in Singapore was probably because Avex Group is having a operation business in Singapore. And I went to follow their page on Facebook to get updated on the news. I remember freaking out when I saw that Ayumi was headlining the event and I was telling my cousin I have to go for this,

Then during the time of booking the tickets, the ticketing system was kinda fucked up at MBS side. I couldn't secure the $248 seats because the system was damn slow...wanted to give up and just not attend. Then my cousin managed to book $198 seating cuz she say she didn't want me to regret not going for this, Plus she was my idol!!

Fast forward to 17 Oct, and I saw her tweet that she was checked in at MBS. Kinda regretted not taking leave to try to see her. Was quite excited and couldn't really sleep the night before.

We went Sand's Theatre but sadly the merchandise was quite meh..and I got Muffler and a Uchiwa. Entered the theatre with excitement and was glad that the seat wasn't disappointing. The concert started out well and I was like thinking like why is everyone sitting down...

The acts for the show were

Stella Seah - my cousin told me she was the winner for some Starhub singing event. I guess she's a newbie so kinda explain her being nervous. Nonetheless, I like her vocals and her songs are catchy and she seems like a very sweet person.

Wagakki Band - Their genre was a mix between traditional and modern music. I enjoyed their performance! I kinda recognised some of their songs because I heard my sister singing them all the time. It was an eye opening experience watching them sing live.

Aaron Yam (?)- His was kinda meh. I remember the first song he was kinda channeling like Troublemaker scandalous feel. He doesn't seem like a dancer-kind of singer. and his dance performance seem abit awkward. His ballads were better, imo.

Sonar Pocket and Generations by Exile. - I like their performance. A lot of fangirls screaming at the top of their lungs. Practically dancing to their songs and I am reminded on why I love J-pop all these while.

M-flo - my cousin's favourite. By this time everyone was getting high! Dancing and clapping and singing to their songs. M-flo is quite famous for their collaboration with many singers. - Boa, Namie Amuro, Koda Kumi

and lastly Ayumi, I was like waiting for this in much anticipation!!! I told my cousin the night before I may cry if I see her!! Typing this makes me wanna cry now...hahaha. Anyway they did like a video introduction and I already started tearing. I was so emotional and like omg!!! I finally see her LIVE!!! Like in person and not on TV. She sang most of her older songs and I was jumping, dancing, screaming and singing to all of her songs.

Then she started singing Surreal~Evolution~Surreal and I started crying again! I have seen all her concerts and that song was always my favourite part of the concert and I never believe I could participate and also sing it with her!! Overwhelmed with joy and tears flowing!!! I was on cloud 9!!!!

This was definitely the highlight of my 2014 and I will always remember this! :)

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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I had the strangest dream last night, and I can remember it so clearly.

I was with my friends, we seem to be going for some things and decided to stop by, what feels like Star Vista but the shops weren't...

We settled for a ramen restaurant. We were supposedly seated at a table, and somehow our table joined with another table (the table has a group of 8 people). I was commenting about watching the Avenger's trailer (which I really did watch before going to bed) and I didn't know what was going on. The other guy beside me snide and was laughing at me. I kinda got pissed off...then this group walked off.

The weird thing was there was still a guy sitting at the end of the table.. (he was with their group). Then the group came back with an adult and accused that I scolded/insulted them. I got angry and started scolding them, kinda like WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU STARTED IT. I DID NOT FUCKING SCOLD YOU...blah blah blah..then I realised that the guy was twin :(

We stomped out of the restaurant and went somewhere else...then I didn't know why I just started crying...feeling that whatever friendship I had with them is just gone. That quarrel/fight was a seal of doom, like I can give up on this.

What's the strangest dream you have?

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